People often wonder: how to become healthy? Usually the thought that health needs to be taken care of, arise during illness or life failures. Under health is usually perceived physical health, that is, the harmonious work of all organs of the body, allowing you to live and fully engage in some kind of activity. But the answer to this question actually lies deeper, because our mental and spiritual health is no less important than physical health.

Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? To answer “Yes”, you do not need to run marathons, diet or do yoga. A healthy lifestyle, first of all, is a permanent work on yourself, your progress along the path of rejection of harmful, negative things and habits and the achievement of harmony with your body and soul.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle should not be perceived as a goal or as a big, serious choice in life. The best way to become healthy is to move in small confident steps, gradually removing factors that lead to diseases. And, seeing the changes taking place, you will strengthen your confidence that you are going the right way.

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It is not necessary to immediately change everything dramatically, as in this case there is always a chance to break. It is only necessary to start, little by little. For example, during the day you can do some simple actions that will gradually make your life healthy and harmonious.

Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle

10 little tricks how to become healthy

  1. Start your day with charging. Just need to get up 10-15 minutes earlier to start the day with morning exercise. It will help you wake up, energize and prepare the body for the new active. Everything will do – regular warm-up, easy running, yoga, qigong, stretching exercises, and so on. Read more about morning routines in the article Morning exercises and other ways to have a good start to the day.
  2. Refuel your body only with natural, high-quality fuel. The main meal should be breakfast, which includes complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein and healthy fats. The best foods for breakfast are vegetables, cereal, lean meat and eggs. A healthy, organic breakfast will help you maintain and improve your health and stay energetic all day.
  3. Do not forget about tea. Natural tea contains antioxidants that positively affect your immune system and heart, as well as reduce the likelihood of cancer and increase metabolism. The most useful teas are white and green.
  4. Drink cold water. On heating cold water to body temperature, more calories are spent than on heating warm water. You can additionally burn about 60-70 calories by simply drinking two liters of water per day. In addition, abundant intake of water can effectively eliminate toxins from your body.
  5. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing has a lot of advantages. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, trains the lungs and oxygenates the blood. It is very simple and, at the same time, efficient.
  6. Do not allow stressful situations, and if they arise – deal with them without delay. Frequent stress leads to long-term diseases, such as ulcers, headaches, depression, heart disease. As soon as there is a reason for stress – eliminate it, if it does not work out – keep your thoughts occupied with something pleasant: read books, communicate with friends, walk, think about the good and the pleasant.
  7. Eat little and eat often. In order for the body to get used to spend calories only for current needs, without saving for the future, do not let it feel hungry. 6-7 meals in small portions are much better than 3-4 regular ones, but “to the heap”. Frequent meals removes hunger and allows you not to overeat, while improving the process of digesting food.
  8. Add two useful products to your menu and remove two harmful ones. This is all the same principle of small steps. Once you get used to these new products, add two more (removing as many harmful ones). Even if you do not come to a completely natural diet, you will become much healthier.
  9. Have sex more often. Regular sex brings great benefits to your health. It reduces stress, improves immunity, burns a lot of calories, strengthens the heart, muscles and blood vessels, provides a good sleep … But what to tell, you yourself know that sex is one of the best things in the world!
  10. Go to bed earlier (but taking into account the previous point;) For a healthy sound sleep, an adult needs about 7-9 hours, although many of us would consider it a good idea to sleep at least at least from this. Nightly gatherings with friends, TV, the Internet – in the world there are many things that delay our sleep. And, meanwhile, it is in a dream that the body is restored, strengthened and struggling with diseases. Lack of sleep also threatens with weakness and drowsiness throughout the next day. We often struggle with this method of taking large doses of coffee and energy drinks and do not even think that instead of all this violence, it is enough just to give ourselves the opportunity to sleep.

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