Discover 3 best muscle building exercises you can do for beginner workout at home without equipment, without weights at your home using body weight and isometric exercises only and build your muscle in 5 weeks.

Fitness – finding and maintaining a good shape

home workouts without weights

To improve the figure and improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, a hall is not needed at all, only one’s own body is enough. The simplest and most effective method is circular training when you perform several exercises in a row, which load different muscle groups. First, test your condition, do one approach in different exercises, performing each in clean maximum, qualitative repetitions, and then divide the numbers by two, this will be your starting point.

Repeat is one complete exercise. For example, raising and lowering the hand means doing one repetition. Ten times to raise and lower your hand means to do ten repetitions. If you did the exercise five times, and then rested and made it five more times, then you made two times (a circle, a set) for five repetitions for beginner workout at home without equipment.

For example, if you can do ten push-ups, 20 twists, 25 sit-ups, gluteal bridges and 30 lifts on socks, the circular training program will look like this:

  1. Push-ups – 5;
  2. Twisting – 10;
  3. Squats – 12;
  4. Bridges – 12;
  5. Ups on the socks – 15.

muscle workout at home

Pauses between exercises are minimal, after completion. Rest one minute and then repeat the whole circle afresh. You can start at the first training session with a pair of circles and gradually bring up to five, then add more repeats. The basic rule: first the most laborious movements are performed, in which the load is high and the repetitions are less, next home workouts without weights and finally lighter and more repetitive. Although this set of exercises without adaptations is sufficient to improve the shape, they do not cover the top and middle of the back. For health and good posture, it is desirable to get at least a rubber espander (tourniquet) during beginner workout at home without equipment and add vertical and horizontal traction, fixing it on anything to facilitate muscle workout at home. Train through the day, swimming, running or just walking on days off.

How to quickly pump up muscles

What is the result of practical training?

  • 50% – food and sleep.
  • 30% – full return on training.
  • 15% – the optimal frequency of training.
  • 5% – training program.

Nutrition and sleep – 50%

Without energy, you cannot exercise, and without proteins, muscles will not have the material for growth. Monitoring the daily intake of calories is vital. If you eat more, you will gain fat, if you eat less, you will not be able to exercise.

Total return on training – 30%

If you come to the hall and work with a small weight for hours, and the next morning you do not feel a pleasant pain in the muscle then you have poorly trained. In training, you must get tired and put on 120%.

The optimal frequency of training is 15%

Even the most effective program can be blocked by low loads and poor performance techniques, whereas with the right technique and heavy loads, almost any training gives a result in compliance with the rules specified above.

Participate in exciting training programs. Especially for this, we have developed an application with fitness training at home, where you can also find the right diet!


Muscles grow in a dream. If you do not get enough sleep, then the state of health and mood worsens the home workouts without weights program, the recovery processes and protein synthesis slow down. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day, otherwise, the effectiveness of training will decrease.

It’s no secret that smoking and alcohol slow down the growth and recovery of muscles. Alcohol pulls all vitamins and minerals out of the body. Also, after its adoption, the processes of muscle growth stop almost for a day.

Smoking in turn adversely affects both the quality of sleep which is critical for muscle growth and the respiratory system. Not to mention the fact that nicotine makes the blood thicker, making it difficult for the muscles to eat during exercise.

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