A healthy lifestyle is always in fashion this days. We have collected for you 40 healthy lifestyle quotes from great people:

1. In a healthy body – a healthy mind.

Decimus Junius Juvenal

2. Whoever expects to secure his health, being in laziness, does the same foolish thing as a person who thinks in silence to improve his voice.

Plutarch from Heronea (50-120)

3. A moderately and timely exercising person does not need any treatment aimed at eliminating the disease.

Avicenna (980-1037)

4. As soon as a person falls ill, he first needs to think about whom he needs to forgive.

Louise Hay

5. As clothmen clean cloth, knocking them out of dust, so gymnastics cleanses the body.


6. We do not get a short life, but we make it so; we are not poor in life, but use it wastefully. Life is long if it is skillfully used.


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7. The beauty of bodily forms always coincides with the concept of healthy power, of active vital energy.

Lev Tolstoy

8. The only way to preserve health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you don’t like.

Mark Twain

9. Diseases are cured by nature, the doctor only helps her.


10. Merry people recover faster and live longer.

Ambroise Pare

healthy lifestyle quotes

11. All healthy people love life.

Heinrich Heine

12. All your food should be your medicine!


13. Gymnastics, exercise, walking must firmly enter the daily life of everyone who wants to maintain working capacity, health, full and joyful life.


14. Movement is the storehouse of life.


15. The actions of the dietary remedies are long-lasting, and the actions of the medicines are abrupt.


16. A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king.

Arthur Schopenhauer

17. Doctors incessantly work to preserve our health, and the cook – to destroy it; however, the latter are more confident of success.

Denis Diderot

18. It would be pardoning not to leave meat-eating, if it were necessary and justified by any considerations. But this is not. This is just a bad thing, which has no excuse in our time.

Lev Tolstoy

19. A sage would rather avoid diseases than choose means against them.

Thomas mor

20. The only beauty I know is health.

Heinrich Heine

healthy lifestyle quotes

21. In eating food, the ability to eat more than others – a disadvantage, the ability to get enough of less – dignity.

Haroun Agatsarsky

22. The one who wants to be healthy, partly already recovering.

D. Boccaccio

23. Health – the wise fee …

Pierre Jean Beranger

24. Health is much more dependent on our habits and food than on the art of medicine.

D. Lebbok

25. As it is impossible to begin treatment of the eye, without thinking of the head, or to heal the head, without thinking of the whole body, you also cannot treat the body without healing the soul.


26. Sleep – a balm of nature.

William Shakespeare

27. With the help of exercise and abstinence, most people can do without medicine.

Joseph addison

28. Nothing more. Going to bed early and getting up early is what makes a person healthy, rich, and intelligent.

Benjamin Franklin

29. Judge your health by how you enjoy your morning and spring.

Henry David Toro

30. People who can not find time to rest, sooner or later will be required to find time for illness.

John wanamaker

healthy lifestyle quotes

31. Become better – and you will feel better.

Georg Enrich

32. Who is strong in body, can tolerate both heat and cold. So he who is healthy mentally, is able to endure anger, grief, joy, and other feelings.


33. Many are healthy without beauty, but no one is handsome without health.

Lorenzo Valla

34. If you do not eat food as medicine, you will eat medicine as food!

Mikhail Zadornov

35. It is natural for a person to observe moderation by nature, not only because of concern for his future health, but also because of the well-being of the present.

Immanuel Kant

36. Do not expect doctors … to make you healthy. They can save lives, even cure the disease, but only lead to the start. And then learn to rely on yourself.

Nikolay Amosov

37. There is no wealth better than bodily health and no joy beyond the joy of the heart.


38. For women’s health, admiring looks of men are more important than calories and drugs.

Francoise Sagan

39. If people would eat only when they are very hungry, and if they eat simple, clean and healthy food, they would not know the diseases and it would be easier for them to control their body and soul.

Lev Tolstoy

40. If you want to lengthen your life, shorten your meal.

Benjamin Franklin

healthy lifestyle quotes

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