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For those who want to gain a really large amount of muscle mass, one of the main priorities should be the choice of the best methods of training. A properly chosen training program for muscle mass collection should clearly correspond to your goals and capabilities and here are the 5 best training schemes for recruiting and intensive muscle growth.

The training program for mass recruitment

best weight gain programFor anyone who wants to gain a large volume of muscle mass, one of the main priorities should be to determine the best training program. There are a lot of different training programs, so it’s very important to choose the one that will suit your needs.

It is also important to understand which factors are most m140 workout conducive to muscle growth, what exercises for muscle mass gain are most effective, and a program based on such principles will be a much more effective best weight gain program.

We have gathered for you the best training programs for the masses, which show an amazing result with a competent approach. Let’s briefly review the most effective and popular of strength training programs and determine the pros and cons of each of them.

The best training schemes for muscle growth

The program “5х5”

weight gaining programThe training program “5×5” is very popular among those who want to build up a lot of muscle mass and increase strength. The program involves the implementation of 3 basic exercises aimed at the main muscle groups (both the upper and lower body in one workout). These exercises are performed in 5 sets of 5 repetitions. If you want, then at the end of each workout you can add several approaches to isolating exercises, but this is not provided by the program.


One of the main advantages of this program m140 workout is the increased frequency of training. Since you will stimulate a large number of muscle fibers every other day, you will notice a high level of testosterone release weight gaining program, which is good for muscle growth. Most people also note that they experience an increased sense of hunger, following this program, which indicates its intense nature.


The disadvantage of this program is that it is most likely not suitable for beginners because of its intensity, which can lead to overtraining. It is best to gain experience of strength training in 3-6 months, so you can be sure that your body is ready for such a stressful load. The second drawback of the program is that such intensive lifting of weights 3 times a week does not go well with other active sports. If you are doing sports that require high activity, then perhaps you better pick up a slightly less demanding program to avoid excessive fatigue. Example of training You should try to follow the formula “5×5” in the main exercises, as described above, and then reduce the amount of workload in additional exercises. If you experience difficulties with recovery after training, try to follow the formula “3×5” first and observe the sensations. Being engaged in this program, it is very easy to overtrain, if not be careful.

German Volumetric Training

The next high-intensity training program for muscle building is called “German Volumetric Training” m140 workout. It is similar to the “5×5” program in that it also includes a large number of approaches weight gaining program, but it has a high (more than 10) range of repetitions in each approach. This program focuses on 2 major muscle groups in one workout, alternating these groups for 3 days a week.


For those who have experience of strength training, this program will allow you to gain muscle mass at an incredibly fast pace, provided that the correct diet is observed. You will make a mistake if you do not follow the diet, training in this weight gain programs, since you are in danger of losing your strength soon. If you want to get good results with this program, then use a high-calorie diet. This is necessary to maintain this amount of training.


As in the case of the “5×5” program, if you are planning to additionally engage in some other sport, this can be quite problematic. Typically, this additional burden should be reduced so that the body has enough time to recover. Consider this factor.

Training for stretching the fascia – 7 (FST-7)

mass gain program

The third type of training, which is now rapidly gaining popularity, is called FTS-7. This training program does not contain a list of specific exercises that should be performed and does not exactly indicate by what principle you should divide the body (for example, on the upper and lower parts, on the chest and back, legs, and shoulders, etc.). It rather gives you advice on what to do in the last exercise for each elaborate part of the body m140 workout. The name FTS-7 stands for Fascial Stretch Training, which means “training on stretching the fascia”. This indicates that one of the main goals of the mass gain program is to stretch the fascia, which is the connective membrane covering the muscles and other organs.

First of all, the fascia is responsible for helping to maintain the structural integrity of the body, they provide its support and protection, and also act as a shock absorber in active work both in the gymnasium and outside. When the fascia stretches, the muscle growth increases, and also the inflow of minerals, amino acids, and oxygen increases. This program involves performing 7 sets of 15 repetitions in the last exercise for each muscle group. Resting between the approaches should be about 30 seconds.

Note: since you will perform a large number of approaches and repetitions, it is quite natural to reduce the working weight that was previously used in this or that exercise.


In addition to improving the health of the fascia, the program allows increasing the overall structural flexibility of the body. If you want to work through one particular part of the body, the program also allows you to do this. In addition, you can reduce the total amount of the rest of the program due to the fact that you do not have time to properly rest. Another plus of this approach is that a high range of approaches and repetitions will greatly stimulate metabolism m140 workout.  So if your goal is to gain muscle mass or get rid of fat, then the results of such training will please you, provided that you are on the appropriate diet.


The potential disadvantage of the program that you may encounter is that because of the high workload, you will not be able to train as often as you did before. After some time, the body probably adapts, so try not to abandon the mass gain program too quickly if it meets your goals. If you eat properly, stretch between sessions, and do not do too much cardio, you will most likely see positive results and notice a decrease in fatigue.

Split top-bottom training

ectomorph weight gain

This program is based on the division of the body on a “top-bottom” basis. Usually, the training schedule assumes 2 trainings in a row, and then 1 day of rest. This allows you to work out each muscle group 2 times a week.


This type of training is perfect for beginners who want to gain muscle mass. This program is a good start because it gives enough time to rest for a week, and breaking the body into certain muscle groups makes it less stressful. Advanced athletes can also strengthen their training using the total number of approaches, a selection of exercises, and rest periods included in this program. This will help speed up the collection of muscle mass at any level of training m140 workout. Another plus of this program is that it will allow you to include more isolating exercises in your workouts. If you want to work out one of the small muscle groups (biceps, triceps, middle deltas, etc.), then this program will facilitate this task.


Because this program is so universal, it does not have many drawbacks. You can change it according to your goals, making sure that it fits your training program. The disadvantage can be found in the fact that this program involves training 4 times a week. So its inclusion in your schedule can be a problem ectomorph weight gain. But this problem can be solved by training one week on the principle of “bottom, top, bottom,” and the other on the principle of “top, bottom, top”, constantly alternating this order.

Complex training program for all muscle groups

Finally, we move on to the training program for all muscle groups. The “5×5” program can also to some extent be considered as such since you study almost all the main muscle groups in 3 selected exercises m140 workout. But the complex program gives an exercise for each muscle group – quadriceps, hamstrings, chest muscles, back, and shoulders (hands are being worked on during exercises on the chest and back). To them, you can add a few isolating exercises if you want to pump the small muscle groups separately ectomorph weight gain.


Again, plus the program is that it is suitable for beginners, subject to the implementation of a small number of approaches in each exercise and compliance with the proper amount of training. Of course, this program can also be used by advanced athletes. It is based on a high frequency of repetition, which is usually effective. You can make several different combinations of this program and use its different principles to make diversity and support the progress of training.


The main disadvantage of the program is that if you want to specifically work out a specific muscle group, then this program is not very suitable for this, because you must perform several exercises on each part of the body during one workout. As a rule, if you want to work out a certain muscle group, then you should devote 2-3 exercises to it, which slightly overloads the overall training program.

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