Visiting a gym regularly you begin to notice that there are people who can not pump up the relief muscles of the abdominal cavity. The problem lies in the thoughts of the main mass, that this question is solved only by exercises on the press. And they are deeply mistaken. This article will describe tips for productive work and real results.

  1. We are what we eat. And this is the golden rule. If the body spends less energy than food brings to it, then body fat will not keep you waiting long. Absorbing all indiscriminately attempts to pump up the press are pre-doomed. Understand it first.
  2. The next moment is training with the burden. Muscles will not grow if they are trained empty, that is, by their own weight. Of course, it is necessary to start small, but for the press to become volumetric it is necessary to add weight. Remember, when the pumping of the press, the fatty subcutaneous layer does not decrease. One can get rid of fat deposits only by cardio-training – running or stepper.
  3. Understand the importance of aerobic exercise. A run of 45 minutes or more will burn at least 500 calories, and therefore get even closer to the desired result.
  4. The correctness of the nutrition program must be remembered first of all. Make a meal system, write down the time of its absorption. Count the calories. And stick to this diet.
  5. Raise willpower. Only she will force to refuse cakes, only with its help you will come to the desired. Be honest with yourself and do not give in to weaknesses.
  6. The next way of self-control is “a look into the future”. Present the desired results in front of the mirror and go to them.
  7. Rid yourself of the constant winding to the refrigerator or to the kitchen. Your program dictates the food intake hours and its quantity.
  8. Not strong enough? Decorate the refrigerator or cabinets with sweets photos where you are with a perfect body. And if you come to the forbidden fruit – the photo suggests the idea of ​​what you are striving for.
  9. It’s time to stop eating before bed. During sleep, the body should rest. All organs and so tired during the day. Night loads on the digestive system is absolutely no good. In the morning, be sure to wake up with hunger.
  10. Get used to eating in small portions, but often. Do not load the intestines and stomach with large amounts of heavy food. More vegetables and more often.
  11. Timely meet the requirements of the body in food. In other words, do not starve yourself. At the table every time you need to sit down with a slight feeling of hunger. And not with a wolfish appetite.
  12. Thermogenic supplements to help. These supplements help the body cope with excess fats. Check with your doctor and carefully read the contraindications.
  13. More fiber. Greens and vegetables help the body to remove toxins and clean the intestines.
  14. Forget about fried and fat. Daily fat intake should not exceed 20%.
  15. Attentive to the labels. Read about the composition of the products – this is important.
  16. Get a calorie book. This is the only way to keep track of the limits of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake. Do not be lazy to write eaten in a day. Calorie table to help you.
  17. “Fast food”, so beloved by all, will have to be abandoned. Want to eat – the apple is the best friend.
  18. Before going to the grocery store – eat. Hungry walks in the grocery markets can play a cruel joke. Chances of buying products from the “black list” are great.
  19. Limit yourself from going to stores with a wide range of products that contain countless fats and sugars. Knowing your diet, it is more profitable to go to the markets with vegetables and fresh proteins. Huge hypermarkets will only provoke an abundance of prohibited.
  20. Do not assume! Approach calorie calculations of food responsibly. No matter how much better the exact number is. Weighing just need to remember!
  21. The kitchen is banned. After eating, clean up, wash the dishes. And then get busy and forget about it. Leave a constant absorption of everything indiscriminately to your loved ones.

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  1. To be honest – just stop buying sweets. Absolutely all without exception.
  2. If you are watching TV and advertising of food begins – immediately leave the screen. Another provocation motivates the desire to stroll into the kitchen.
  3. Look at yourself. When it seems that the hands are about to fall, stand in front of the mirror, throwing off the clothes. What results do you want? Are they achieved? It is unlikely that you go to the kitchen for sweets.
  4. Diet and exercise in the gym should bring joy. Praise yourself for your progress.
  5. Prepare yourself. This is the right way – they trust themselves without exception. So you’ll have to post a time and a cookbook.
  6. Avoid strange tips and diets. Often, this is not for everyone.
  7. Pamper yourself! Constantly stick to a diet unrealistic. Insistent recommendation: relax and allow yourself to banned products once a week.
  8. Give up on punishing yourself! Even if you set foot on a slippery sweets track, find the strength to return to your diet and keep on adhering! But justify the absorption of sweet is not worth it! Take heart.
  9. Use green teas. Useful for digestion. Remove toxins. And in general, do not count the advantages of this type of tea.
  10. Try to get rid of small money. As a rule, a trifle in your pocket also prompts you to go and buy something sweet.
  11. Give up lonely evenings at home. Go to friends, or to the park. Do not stay alone with the temptations.
  12. Meet people who seriously go to the gym and also diets. Surround yourself with what happens in your life. It is a great motivation to not give up.
  13. Weigh yourself before each workout and record your performance. Analyze them for specific periods — for example, a week. And you will see progress.
  14. Once a month do muscular – fat analysis of tissues in the sports center. This procedure will allow you to understand what is worth changing in the diet.
  15. Take photos of yourself. At the beginning of the diet, after a few months, after six months and so on.
  16. Compare photos. (For those who do not see progress, looking in the mirror.)
  17. Cook not only main dishes. Soups contain a minimum of calories, because the main component is water. In this case, the main abandon the fat! I order food delivery from restaurants, correct the order. Since the load on the chicken breasts can send french fries, and the meat may be fried.
  18. Buy a mixer. And make cocktails. Dairy, from fruit. Perfectly satisfies hunger between main meals.
  19. Take care of business. Do not sit stump. So the intention is to go to the fridge.
  20. Forget about food before bedtime. Go to bed 2 hours after the last meal. Sleep with an empty stomach will ensure restful sleep.
  21. Try to prepare dishes in advance. The less time you take to prepare, the less you will have time to put in your mouth.
  22. Take food supplements – gainers, proteins, creatine and other sports nutrition. And strictly at the direction of the coach.
  23. Avoid feasts. Here and without words it is clear why!
  24. Go to your goal Even through rare defeats. There is no going back. Think about it.
  25. Do not rush the results. They usually appear when they are forgotten, and sport becomes a way of life.
  26. Remember! Nothing comes easy. Especially aesthetically folded body. As soon as it seems that it has become too difficult, it means that the right path has been chosen and the results will not keep you waiting.
  27. Do not whine! To reach the goal, the path has been chosen and it remains only to walk along it, having overcome all obstacles.
  28. The main thing is motivation. See photos of the desired figures, training exercises videos, try new things in the hall.
  29. And most importantly, just believe in yourself! And everything will turn out!
Just believe in yourself and keep working hard!
Just believe in yourself and keep working hard!

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