Hi, I’m coach of muscles and forces, and Creator of the web site Athletes-Hero.com dripla created in order to quickly help skinny hardgainers to pack on muscle mass.

You are on a blog about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This is a modern encyclopedia, in which we collected for you the most useful and up-to-date information. Hundreds of photos, videos and tips from experienced fitness figures.

healthy lifestyleOn the pages of the blog, you can learn everything about training your body, both at home and in the gym. Our articles and tips will suit everyone, men and women, guys and girls. No matter what nationality you are, whether you are an atheist or a believer, fat or thin, it does not matter, you will find what you need on this blog dripla.

You no longer need to climb on the Internet in search of training programs, diets and exercise techniques, all of this we have gathered in one place for you. We are not a dubious site that riveted on the knee and reprinted information from other sites. We are the same lovers of a healthy lifestyle and sport, like you, and we publish articles, information in which is tested on ourselves, we share personal experience with you, and do not shove the known every truth dripla.

And so that you do not get lost on our blog, let’s do a little excursion for you. One of the largest sections, and the most frequently updated, section on training and training programs. For you, you have collected the most effective programs, thanks to which you can puff up or lose weight. Well, for example, only some of the articles in this section: slimming exercises at home, crossfit at home, exercise with your own weight, how to correctly swing at home, cardio at home, how to pump pectoral muscles, how to pump the press up cubes of the house, how to lose weight in ljashkov how to clean a stomach and sides, deadlift for girls, exercises with fitball and many others. The section is updated daily, watch its update.

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