Discover the power of bent over lateral raises exercises for complete shoulder development with side deltoid development.

Shoulders like the Hulk. Do deltas that tear a t-shirt

By how broad a person is, judge about his athleticism. How to blow up your deltas and make them grow up all envy.

By how broad a person is, judge about his athleticism. How to blow up their deltas and make them grow up all envy – understood the “Soviet sport”.


bent over side lateral

“When you see bodybuilders with shoulders like two seams, be sure bent over lateral raises – 90% is the work of anabolic steroids and good genetics,” says Alexander Nogaitsev, fitness coach and nutritionist.  However, all this does not mean that you cannot increase your shoulders with one natural training. Can! But for this, it is necessary to train them correctly! “.

Deltoid muscles consist of three fascicles: anterior, middle, and posterior. They are needed to move your hands to the sides, their turns and ups. Together, the three muscular legs beams form a so-called convexity of the shoulder, it’s apparent volume, and width. It is crucial that all three heads participate in the training.

“But if the front and middle beam receive a load best meditation chairs in most basic exercises, then the back bundle is a lagging link for the development, of which some specific exercises are needed,” says the expert of Soviet Sport.


Thoroughly dilute the deltas before exercise bent-over the dumbbell lateral raise. Begin warm-up with swings and rotational movements with your hands – back and forth 15-20 times in each direction. Start smoothly to give the shoulder joint time to “turn on”, gradually increase the speed of rotation.

Pull the muscles: pull the left hand along the trunk to the right and press the triceps with the forearm of the other hand, trying to make the elongated hand touch the chest bent-over lateral raises. Make 8-10 pressing movements, then change hands and similarly stretch the right delta.

Do the exercise “propeller”: stand up, stretching out your right hands to the bent over side lateral without bending your hands do them short circular movements. Repeat the same exercise with each hand, pulling it up above yourself. Feel the movement of the shoulder joint.

Make 2-3 approaches of easy pull-ups with a narrow grip, in the lower position, straighten your arms to the end feeling how the muscles of the shoulder are stretched. There should not be any refusal, the pace is comfortable.

Sit down, picking up light dumbbells at 2-2.5 kg. Holding your arms bent at the elbows (elbows at the trunk), divide your forearms to the sides.


“Usually training deltas begin with the basic presses of a barbell or dumbbells. But I recommend starting with isolation for the lagging rear deltas. So the back beam, still fresh, will get the maximum load, “says Alexander Nogaitsev.

The distribution of dumbbells through the sides in the slope is the main isolating exercise for the rear deltas. Take dumbbells in your arms and bend forward about 45 degrees bent over lateral raises, keeping your back straight. Raise your arms to the sides, raising your elbows up, and at the top point, slightly turn the brush with your thumbs down.

How to prepare for training – five ways to make training more effective

Reverse breeding in the “butterfly” simulator. On the shoulder-lift simulator, grasp the handles and pull your hands back and to the sides. The hands must remain parallel sumo squats to the floor bent-over dumbbell lateral raise (adjust the machine according to its height). Erect the elbows behind your back, chest pressed to the back of the seat and the torso is still.

Do these two exercises in 3 sets of 15 repetitions bent over side raises. Combine them in a super-series, after one exercise immediately goes to the next, then rest for 1.5 minutes and repeat.


After isolated workings of the rear deltas, go to the base where the army bench press stands. It acts in a complicated way on the front and middle deltas. Army press is the best means for increasing the total mass of deltoid muscles.

Take the bar from the racks. Keep your back straight and tense during the entire movement. Do not bend forward. Bar lower to a level just below the chin. Try to increase weight in this exercise bent over lateral raises. Do 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. Sometimes “blast your shoulders”, increasing weight and reducing the number of repetitions to six.

After the press, go to the rod pull to the chin. Take the barbell with a grip just narrower than the width of the shoulders. Raise the bar along the body to the chin, spreading the elbows to the sides. This exercise will load the middle deltas and include trapezoid muscles (they will create the right proportions when going from neck to shoulder). 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions bent-over dumbbell lateral.

Penetrate triceps – make massive hands

bent over dumbbell lateral raise

Complete the training with a super series: the dumbbell layout stands to the sides and lifting dumbbells in front of you. In the first exercise, keep your hands slightly bent at the elbows. Start from the upward lift of the elbows bent over side lateral, do not raise your hands with dumbbells above your shoulders. All this will create a purposeful load on the middle deltas dumbbell bent-over raise.

In the second exercise, lift the straight arms with the dumbbells facing you. 3 sets of 15 repetitions sexy back workout in each exercise, rest 1.5 minutes. “In these exercises, do not chase after the big scales”, even “Dwayne Rock Johnson”, makes lifts and wiring with dumbbells just over 10 kg. For beginners 6-7 kilogram dumbbells will be enough, important point load, “says an expert of Soviet Sport“.


Deltas often train in one day with the muscles of the chest. They get an extra load when bench pressing lying down and push-ups on the bars, the basic exercises for pectoral muscles.

You can also train deltas after exercises for the back muscles. Deltas indirectly work with pull-ups and pull rod in the slope (here includes just the rear beam of deltoid muscles).


Beginners who are engaged in less than 1.5 years, will have one workout deltas per week. With increasing experience and preparedness for strength training, go to two pieces of training within the weekly cycle bent over lateral raises.

You can split the training of individual beams of deltoid muscles on different days. On the day of the back, do exercises on the rear deltas, on the day of the chest do front and middle bent over lateral raises. If you still feel that the shoulder muscles are lagging, go to “specialization”. Allocate a separate day for training deltas and “load” them with the maximum number of exercises. Add to the listed dumbbell bench presses, presses for the head in the simulator, press Bradford.

Shoulders ask for mercy, but there will be no mercy. All they will have to do is to grow to withstand the loads.

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