Discover 3 best hypertrophy program for beginners. Bodybuilding programs that are designed to add massive muscle mass in just 40 days

This program is designed for 2 – 3 months and is designed specifically for beginners. It consists of basic exercises aimed at developing the main muscle groups. Initially, your main task should be to learn the correct technique of doing exercises. So, remember that you do not need to start working at once with a lot of weight in the beginner bodybuilding program.  Wait a little while for your muscles and ligaments to get stronger and get used to the load. If you will have difficulty in doing some exercise, ask for help from an instructor or a more experienced friend in the hall.
During the first month, it will be sufficient to perform 2 to 3 approaches per muscle group. Between the approaches rest for 1.5-2 minutes.

Complex exercises.


bodybuilding program for beginners

1. Squat on the shoulders 5 × 5

2. Gakk – squats 4 × 10

3. Ascent to the socks in the 4 × 15

4. Torsion of the trunk on an inclined bench 3 × 20

Tuesday – closed


1. Pressing bench 5 × 5

2. The bench press lying on an inclined bench 3 × 8

3. Push-ups from the beams 3 × 8

4. Torsion of the trunk on an inclined bench 3 × 20

Thursday – Rest


1. Static thrust 3 × 5

2. Rod in slope to the belt 4 × 8

3. Lifting the EZ – rod to the biceps 3 × 8

4. Hyperextension 3 × 15

5. Torsion of the trunk on an incline bench 3 x 20

the body transformation blueprint

Training on this program should be 3 times a week. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. One day between classes for recreation will be quite enough, provided that you will not overload yourself. It should be understood that it is not necessary to perform each lesson.  Alternative exercises bodybuilding program for beginners can replace the same experience. For example, squatting on the shoulders can be replaced with a leg press in the simulator, lifting on socks in the simulator by lifting on socks with dumbbells in hands, rod in the slope of the pull of the block to the chest with a wide grip, etc.

You should not be afraid to experiment the bodybuilding beginners workout plans. Remember that the body transforms blueprint only through mistakes. Tests can create an ideally suitable training program for you. Also, remember the right diet, which accounts for about 50% of success in bodybuilding.

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