Here is the best diet program for muscle building mi40 training manual pdf. Create your ideal diet with nutrition plans, macronutrient ratios, and workout nutrition.

Who is this diet for?

muscle buildingThis article was worked by the best professionals, taking as a basis not only the data of nutritionists, but also information about the use of various diets in bodybuilding practice. The article is not just a description of a specific diet, but a full-fledged guide for bodybuilders of any level of preparedness, allowing you to understand the basics and nuances of sports nutrition, make up an individual diet and strengthen your health with it, and achieve the best results in bodybuilding mi40 training manual pdf.

The diet described in the article can be used for quite a long time and has, in contrast to the unprofessional diets, features and start and finish. It is worth remembering only that to reduce or increase the amount of food consumed should be gradually to prevent the development of possible metabolic disorders and disorders of the stomach. It is necessary to give the body enough time to adapt to the peculiarities of the new diet.

The main principles of this diet

1. Food 5-6 times during the day

During the recruitment of muscle mass, you need to eat often enough mi40 training manual pdf. The most suitable number of meals is 5-6 times a day. Nutrition with such frequency does not overload the digestive system, and nutrients in small portions constantly enter the blood. Thus, the muscles throughout the day will receive recharge. In the event that a similar amount of food is eaten in 3 doses, the excess amount of nutrients entering the body will not go to make up the muscle mass, but to form fatty deposits, which can not be eliminated in conditions of a high-calorie diet.

2. Food with increased energy value

About 70% of food eaten during the day should be the most high-calorie, to prevent overloading the digestive system. In addition, with increased consumption of low-calorie foods, nutrients are assimilated much more slowly. Do not completely abandon the useful fruits and vegetables, but their share in the daily diet should be reduced to 30% or less mi40 training manual pdf. Vegetables and fruits contain vegetable fiber, which stimulates intestinal contractions and interferes with the digestion of high-calorie food.

3. Reduced content of fast carbohydrates and fats

During the diet, it is very important to limit the consumption of food saturated with fats. Such foods include fat, fatty meat, butter and margarine, sausages and so on. For the growth of muscle mass the body uses, first of all, carbohydrates, and fats, under the condition of sufficient intake of nutrients, are deposited in fat cells, adipocytes.

It is also dangerous to eat foods that contain fast carbohydrates, such as sweet fruit, bakery and confectionery. Even in conditions of excessive intake of nutrients, fast carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract, which increases the level of sucrose in the blood. A protective reaction of the body to a sharp increase in the level of sugar is the transfer of glucose into fat, which is highly undesirable during a diet.

Eating foods that contain fast carbohydrates is recommended after exercise. At this time, the organs and muscles are able to quickly dispose of large amounts of glucose, due to increased secretion (secretion) of insulin. Insulin, being a natural anabolic, is extremely important during the recruitment of muscle mass.

4. Drinking regime

During the diet, many metabolic reactions begin to work in a more intensive regime, which leads to the need for increased water intake. Taking into account the water contained in the products mi40 training manual pdf, the optimal daily amount of liquid is about 3 liters. Do not let the body dehydrate.

5. The adjusted mode of reception of food

The amount of food, during a diet for weight gain, should be approximately equal, but about 70% of the daily diet should be on a daily basis up to 16 hours. At night, it is not recommended to eat fatty or sweet. The food used before bedtime should be easily digested and contain a lot of protein. The ideal choice for an evening diet are vegetables (including legumes), poultry, fish, eggs, salads and sour-milk products.

Diet before the workout. 2 hours before the start of the training you need to eat, while the food should contain slow carbohydrates. Ideally, porridge, flour products, vegetables are suitable for these purposes. Before training, the gilkogen depots must be loaded with carbohydrates to provide energy to the muscles and brain.

Diet after training. After 20-30 minutes after the training you need to eat well. This meal should be the biggest one per day. In case you take a geyner (protein shake) after training, it’s better to put food on for an hour and a half. This meal should include products enriched with slow carbohydrates and proteins. After the training, you can afford and some limited amount of fast carbohydrates.

6. Ratio of nutrients (in calories)

  • Carbohydrates – 50-60%. During the diet, you must take the maximum amount of slow carbohydrates.
  • Proteins – 30-35%. The ideal option is to separately obtain proteins from food and sports nutrition in equal parts.
  • Fats – 10-20%.

If you limit the amount of fat to less than 10% mi40 training manual pdf, it can cause a metabolism reorganization. In food it is better to consume only vegetable fats, the consumption of fatty fish can not be limited.

Do not take this ratio of nutrients as a constant. Each organism is individual, and therefore it is very important for each athlete to find his own relationship, the most effective one.

Products with abundant protein content

Foods with a high protein content in nature are by no means so many. The most accessible and popular ones are, (the products are listed in the order of their value for the bodybuilder):


During the diet, you can consume any lean meat. Poultry meat is the most preferred, because of its low fat content and easy digestion.

Fish and seafood.

Oily fish is rich in fish oil, which is not only not harmful, but also useful during the recruitment of muscle mass.


You should eat mostly fat-free foods: kefir, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, etc.


During the diet, it is recommended to eat 6-8 eggs daily. Do not be afraid for rising cholesterol. It is proved that eggs do not affect him in any way.


Peas, beans and beans are the main vegetable sources of proteins. Despite the low value of vegetable proteins, doctors recommend that dieticians include beans in the diet of athletes. Soy is deliberately not included in this list, due to its high hormonal activity.
Nuts. In its composition, nuts contain not only proteins, but also vitamins, as well as valuable microelements.

Products with abundant protein content

In its composition, nuts contain not only proteins, but also vitamins, as well as valuable microelements

Foods high in carbohydrates


Porridges contain in their composition mostly slow carbohydrates, proteins, and also important microelements and vitamins. The most useful include oatmeal, buckwheat, corn, wheat and rice porridge.


Preferably the use of food products from flour, durum wheat, and flour as coarse as possible.


It is necessary to limit consumption of white bread and use more black.
Muesli and cereal are not only useful, but also introduce some variety to the athlete’s menu.

Vegetables and mushrooms

Among vegetables, potato is the most popular. From this root, you can cook at least 100 dishes. However, potatoes are a rich source of starch, which is digested very slowly. That’s why you should limit the use of potatoes and vegetables in general, in order to avoid stomach upset.


Hazelnut, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios and apricot seeds are very valuable sources of carbohydrates in the menu of athletes.

Fruits and greens

These foods contain useful mi40 training manual pdf minerals and vitamins. Nevertheless, greens and fruits contain fiber and fast carbohydrates, and therefore the use of them is better limited, so as not to overload the digestion.


It is recommended to take not only fats, but also omega-3 fatty acids. In other cases, you should take vegetable fats and fish oils, and in any quantities.

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