Exercise Options:

Dips muscles worked: Triceps
Additional muscle groups: Chest Shoulders
For whom: For all categories of athletes
When to do: At the beginning of the triceps training after the barbell press with a close grip. After pushing up from the bench, do the French bench press and bench press in the block simulator.

One of the best exercises to get all three triceps to work. Push-ups from the bench do not have to be performed in the gym, it can be used to train triceps at home, at the stadium, even at work. Nevertheless, this simple exercise is one of the most effective for pumping triceps. Performing it regularly, I will achieve remarkable results and evenly pumped all three heads of triceps.

How to do dips at home – Technique of execution:

  1. Sit sideways on a horizontal bench, put your hands on the edge of the bench on both sides of your hips, about shoulder-width apart. Go down from the bench so that your body is in the air, your hands rest on the edge of the bench, and your legs are stretched as far forward as possible. In this position, you rely only on your hands and heels. This is the starting position.
  2. Breathe in gently bend your elbows and lower yourself as low as possible. The angle between the shoulder and forearm should be no more than 90 degrees. Please note: youshould keep your elbows as close to each other as possible, do not move them apart. The palms are all the way down.
  3. Use triceps to lift your body to its original position. Exhale while lifting.
  4. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Bench Dip Variations:

As soon as it becomes easy for you to do push-ups from the bench with your feet on the floor, begin to put your feet on the other bench in front of you. As you train, ask your partner to put pancakes from the bar on our hips to increase the load on your triceps.


  • Make sure that the bench is stable and not loose. Jerking and rolling reduces the effectiveness of the exercise and can lead to injuries.
  • Stretch your legs as far as possible, but do not lean behind them with your body. Your torso should remain upright during the entire exercise.
  • At the top point, do not extend your arms to the end, leave them slightly bent so that the triceps are always in tension.


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