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Welcome to our new issue, friends. Today we will try to give you the simplest, most understandable and at the same time effective answer to the question of how to pump up muscles. To understand this, it is necessary to imagine how the muscle growth occurs, first of all, and then to deal with some aspects of its stimulation. In fact, this is not so difficult as some might think. Just spend a little time studying the theory and make your practice more effective at times! By the way, at the end of the article we will offer you effective training programs that you can choose for yourself, focusing on your level of preparation. So, let’s begin.

How do muscles grow?

To understand how to pump up muscles 6 week workout plan, you first need to understand how, as a matter of fact, their growth takes place. In the depths of human physiology, we certainly will not dive, but here’s the overall scheme of muscle growth will be analyzed.

Look, you come to the gym and start lifting the bar. What happens at this time with your muscles? Many can say that they are growing and this will be a fundamentally wrong opinion. In training, your muscles do not grow, but only receive a so-called impulse, a boost to growth.

If more clearly, it is so. Under the influence of heavy intensive loads, the muscles begin to break. However, these discontinuities are very small and are called microfractures. And the more qualitative your training, the more these micro-ruptures you will get. It’s not bad, as many could think, but on the contrary – it’s good. Let’s see why.

Your muscles got stressed, as you gave them, not the usual load for them. The natural reaction of the body to these loads is the microtrauma of the muscle fibers. Like any other damage, this organism is also trying to restore. This recovery occurs during rest from training and in particular during sleep. The places of breaks are slowly recovering and eventually become a little thicker than they were. This, the so-called body reserve, in case the physical stress is repeated.

This is how the muscle growth takes place in terms of physiology. You gave a load, damaged the muscles, the body recovered and made muscles more. Very certainly a superficial explanation, but we do not write a dissertation on this topic, right?

Regular workouts

6 week muscle building programLet’s go further. You now understand how the muscles react to the load and how this affects their growth 6 week workout plan. But nevertheless, the answer to the question of how to pump up muscles, it does not. Just periodically give the muscles a shake will not be enough. That they began to grow, you need to train, and therefore expose them to stress, regularly. Only such an approach will force the body to begin to adapt to a new way of life and respond to it by a constant increase in muscle volumes. Let us examine this in more detail.

As you know, the human body has one very useful feature 6 week workout plan, namely, to get used to and adapt to the action of external factors. A good example would be how some people become tempered. Jumping into ice water, for an unprepared person will be very serious stress, but hardened people, in such conditions do not feel absolutely any discomfort. Why is that?

What do you mean, “hardened people” 6 week workout plan? And this means that their bodies are accustomed and adapted to the action of cold in this case. At the very beginning, when they just decided to temper, their body also felt not the most pleasant feelings from getting cold water on it. But over time, when such stress occurred regularly (a man poured cold water, wiped himself with snow, etc.), adaptation to the effects of cold occurred and the person began to react to it quite normally. But what has muscle growth to do with it, you ask?

And while that with muscle growth is the same. As we dismantled above, training with weights is also stress, and since our body is able to adapt to stresses, then this one will react with changes. And these changes, as many have already realized, are manifested in the increase in muscle fibers. That is, the organism, speaking metaphorically, is afraid of repeating a new extreme physical load, which will lead to new micro-fractures. For this, after restoration, it makes the damage places thicker to protect them from re-injury. If training is not regular, it is understandable that there will be no special effect from this. After rare loads can not provoke an organism to “protective reaction” in the form of muscle growth of muscles.

Increase in working weight

Well, with the fact that you need to train regularly, figured out. But that’s not the task, if you constantly work with the same weight, then this will not cause muscle growth. Let’s consider a concrete example.

Suppose you trained and shook on the barbell weighing 60 kilograms. It was your optimal working weight and he started the growth mechanisms (micro fractures, etc.) 6 week workout plan. Some time passed, you recovered and the hour of a new breast training came. On it you again take the same 60 kilograms and perform the same number of repetitions and the same number of approaches. The question is, what does this give you 6 weeks muscle building program? The answer is practically nothing!

Undoubtedly, some amount of micro-ruptures you will get again, but already significantly less than at the last training session. Why is that? All very simple friends, your body has already begun to get used to and adapt to this weight. After all, compared to the last training, your muscles have become stronger and slightly increased. Even though this increase is not noticeable to the eye, but it is, believe me.

Naturally, in this training, repeated work with a weight of 60 kilograms, will not be the same stress for muscles as before. They have already experienced it and now have coped with it much better – with fewer micro-ruptures. Accordingly, if at the next training you again take the same 60 kilograms, these micro-traumas will become even less or not at all. At this moment, the end of growth comes, all, a dead end. For your pectoral muscles this will become a habitual load, not stressful and respond to it with growth, they will not be any more.

From here it is quite logical conclusion that the load should be regularly increased 6 week muscle building program. In bodybuilding, this is called a constant progression of loads. Let’s return to our example with a bar press weighing 60 kilograms. You successfully shook them by doing, say 4 approaches for 8 reps. Provided full rest and quality recovery (we’ll talk about this later), at the next breast training you can already shake 62-65 kilograms for the same 4 approaches 8 times 6 week workout plan. And this, as you understand, will no longer be the usual muscle load and a new stress for them, which naturally will turn for you by increasing their volumes.

Therefore, at each training you in any case should not give the same load to the muscles as it was in the previous lesson. It will not always be possible to increase the weight of the bar, but you can increase the load in another way, for example, by performing more repetitions or approaches. Only in this way, you will be able to provide your muscles with new and new stress, which in turn will turn for you more and more muscle growth. And in order to constantly monitor and increase your progress, it is necessary to keep a training diary.

Recreation and rehabilitation

And so we came to an equally important part of our story. If the entire training scheme is divided into two stages – training and rest, then they undoubtedly need to be made equal. That is, in the question of how to pump up muscles, it is equally important how you train and how you relax.

If you read carefully, at the beginning of the article, about how muscles grow, you probably realized that their growth is not in the gym. There you just start this process, and already the increase in muscle volume occurs exactly during rest 6 week workout plan. So what kind of rest should it be to provide our musculature with a stable growth 6 week muscle building program?

In order for the muscle to recover from previous stress 6 week workout plan, it needs about 2-3 days. Depending on the individual characteristics of a person, his lifestyle and diet, this period may vary. Thus, it is logical to assume that the interval between training of the same muscular group should be at least these 2-3 days. Be sure to take this into account when drafting the training program.

However, considering the fact that bodybuilding involves training all the muscles of the body, and not just one or two, often in most training programs, it turns out that rest between training the same muscle lasts about a week. This is correct and should not cause doubts in you.

During periods of rest from training, you will have to lead a lifestyle that is not usual for an ordinary person. And this is logical, because if you decide to pump up muscles, then you do not want to look like ordinary people. And if you do not want to be like everyone else, then you’ll have to do things that everyone does not. So, for example, you will have to give up the traditional three meals a day and eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. Increase the amount of protein products in your diet and reduce the number of fat-containing foods. Drink more fluids and consume more carbohydrates and calories. In general, this can not be explained in a few words and therefore we recommend that you read the article on the rules of nutrition for mass recruitment.

Within the framework of the general recommendations regarding rest and recovery between training, the following can be singled out. Good nutrition + enough sleep time = the result. Sleep is very important for recovery, friends. It is during sleep that, for the most part, anabolic processes occur, that is, muscle growth. Proceeding from this, one should not be sleep deprived and it is necessary to give 7-9 hours a day for sleep. Remember that chronic lack of sleep is the worst enemy of muscle growth.

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