Discover the amazing muscle building science of building muscle mass and 10 muscle growth principles that have proven your muscles are faster than ever before.

It is generally accepted that most people only dream of losing weight. But, it turns out, it’s not so difficult to find those who, on the contrary, want to gain weight. And if very thin girls who want to become a little pofiguristey, it is enough just to systematize food, then adding weight due to a set of muscle mass is much more difficult and longer. To increase muscles is a dream, mostly of men. However, some ladies also prefer to see the silhouette of their body with the designated muscles muscle building science. What are the rules for levying muscle mass and how long does it take?

Nutrition for a set of muscle mass – a diet based on protein and carbohydrates

science of muscleEvery self-respecting man seeks to look good. It is nice to feel the approving looks of representatives of the opposite sex, it is nice to see in the mirror a tight, muscular body. To do this, you need to regularly exercise, from year to year, exercise, follow the basic recommendations for nutrition, so as not to swim in fat, and for the sake of improving the effectiveness of training, modify your daily diet in a special diet for muscle mass. The last point assumes both the choice of a certain set of products to build muscle and preserve them, and the use of complexes designed specifically for athletes. Let us dwell on these questions in more detail the science of bodybuilding.

Nutrition for muscle mass gain

The composition of the daily diet is of paramount importance, because it is impossible to replace a nutritional supplement with a full meal. What foods should be included in your diet, which is desirable to abandon, so that only muscle building science mass grew, and the fat tissue melted or remained at the same level?

Everyone knows that for the growth of muscle fibers, the maintenance of protein in the diet is of primary importance. It is protein that is the main building material, it is from the amino acids that our body creates new muscle building science fibers. It is necessary to correctly calculate the necessary protein intake – for each kilogram of body weight you should receive up to 3 grams of protein. What sources of protein are on your table?

First of all, you should take care of the meat on the menu every day. The role of this product is not to be downplayed. Meat provides us with a full set of amino acids, and is also the main source of iron for the hematopoietic organs. Preference is given to low-fat varieties of meat, poultry meat, lean fish, but pork and lamb will in this case not the best choice.

Necessarily include in the diet of dairy products. Amino acids of milk are absorbed almost completely, in other words, they are easily digestible proteins, the digestion of which does not require significant energy expenditure from the gastrointestinal tract (in contrast to meat protein). An additional source of protein are eggs, in large quantities you can eat cereals. Of all types of garnishes, it is the porridges that should be preferred, since they contain a minimum of fats and a sufficient number of proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates.

Do not forget about the energy value of the diet. It is naive to believe that if you give the body a ton of protein, it will build a muscular body for you. This is not so, because in order for the protein to be used for its intended purpose, considerable energy is required, the source of which should be carbohydrates. Yes, protein is the main building material, but building a protein-based diet is a mistake.

the science of bodybuildingTo build a diet for a set of science of muscle mass you need it on carbohydrates! It is known that there are two types of carbohydrates – simple (glucose, fructose), which are very quickly absorbed by our tissues, and complex, which are long chains of individual molecules of simple sugars. The latter are absorbed slowly and maintain an optimal level of blood sugar over a long period of time (this is exactly what we need). Complex carbohydrates in optimal amounts are present in plant foods (cereals), and their share in the diet should be increased. But sweets and confectionery should be limited or completely eliminated.

As for fats, you will receive them from meat products and side dishes. In order to build science of muscle building, additional fat intake is undesirable, because lipids should not be more than 15% of the energy value of your diet.

Another important issue is the diet. It is impossible to build muscle building science mass, eating two or three times a day. Food for muscle mass should be fractional, at least 5 times a day, only in this case you can ensure a constant supply of building material. Professionals eat every three hours, moreover, they make an alarm and go up at three o’clock in the morning just to give the body another portion of carbohydrates and amino acids.

Of course, it makes no sense to go to such sacrifices to an ordinary person, but to increase the multiplicity of nutrition is a fundamental and very important point. We forget that you can not eat before going to bed. Evening food intake must necessarily include a large number of proteins and carbohydrates, so that at night the organism against the background of “starvation” does not begin to split the muscle proteins and glycogen. For the same reason, we increase the nutritional value of breakfast.

Sports nutrition – a set of muscle building science

We will not pay much attention to this point, so that you understand that you should use protein complexes only as an additional source of building material for science muscle building. Moreover, you can gain muscular mass without special additives.

For today in any sports hall to you will be offered on a choice some protein cocktails. Most of them are a whey protein isolate that contains 76 to 92% amino acids and a certain amount of carbohydrates. The use of this complex does not pose any threat to your body and will allow to increase the daily intake of protein to the proper level (3 g per 1 kg of body weight), however, do not try to replace the cocktails with the main meal, and fully eat as before, every 3- 4 hours.

In conclusion, let us say a few words about the effectiveness criteria. If you add about one kilogram per month – that means, you “grow” due to adipose tissue (of course, if you do not include hormonal drugs in the program). The optimal increase in muscle building science tissue is about three kilograms per year. It seems that this is a bit, but otherwise it is impossible – the anatomical changes must be gradual, and the cardiovascular system must adapt to them. On the other hand, in just three years of training you will gain about 10 kilograms in weight – an excellent result, and this mass will not go away even after the intensity and frequency of training has been reduced. In a word, you go quietly – you will continue!

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