Are you hardgainer? Ectomorph? Then find the best muscle building workouts, hardgainer diet and workout plan, exercises and workouts, and build muscle mass to get rid of your lean body forever.

How many times a week to train, how many approaches and repetitions do, and how to eat right? The seven main components of effective training on muscles.

Which is better – training for strength or weight?

hardgainer dietThe muscle either feels the load and adapts to it (grows), or does not feel and does not adapt. Yes, when doing sports, the muscles “pull up”, but this is only the restoration of the tone. To increase muscle mass, loads are needed.

In addition, muscle growth and increase in strength are directly related: by increasing muscle mass, you increase the strength of the muscles, and vice versa. The belief that 5-7 repetitions is work on strength, 8-9 – on mass, and 10-12 on relief – more of a myth.

How often should I exercise?

Traditional split “mon-back, c-legs, pt-chest” is ineffective, as the muscles do not get enough load hardgainer diet and workout plan. The best alternation of workouts is on the upper (Monday and Thursday) and the lower body (Tuesday and Friday).

For beginners, a comprehensive training for all the muscles of the body every fifth day – of course, provided that the trainee is laid out completely on it. Doing every day, and doing 25 exercises is the worst option.

How many repetitions and approaches?

Do 5 exercises on 4 sets per muscle (total 20) for 15 repetitions – it’s aerobics, not fitness. Choosing between a large (12-15) number of repetitions and small (5-8), choose a small one. In addition, 4-8 sets is the maximum that one muscle needs.

Remember that muscles do not grow from the fact that you do a hundred exercises a thousand times each – muscles grow from increasing from training to training load, working almost to failure and 5-8 repetitions in each approach.

Do I have to do basic exercises?

On the one hand, the basic exercises do work. But, on the other hand, they work because there are only 5 of them, and it’s hard to do too much. In fact, the “simulator” variations of the basic exercises are no different.

The choice of exercises is, first of all, a matter of personal preferences. In fact, there is no evidence that bench presses must be done with a bar, and not in the simulator. In fact, the main thing is that you like what you are doing.

Nutrition for muscle growth

hardgainerFor muscle growth, three things are needed: training with increasing load hardgainer diet and workout plan, sufficient nutrition and sufficient time for muscle recovery. Moreover, the contribution of training to the final result is not more than 30%, whereas food gives almost 50%.

Muscles grow only when the total caloric intake exceeds the norm by 15-20%, and the food contains enough protein (at least 2 g per kg of body weight). Without the right amount of protein, muscles simply will not have a building material.

What supplements are needed for muscle growth?

You do not need to believe in magic additives, different ZMA and amino acids, which with one small tablet will cover a daily norm of 150 grams of protein. Yes, protein shakes help hardgainer diet and workout plan, but their quantity is just as important, and one serving will not help.

Protein is the muscle tissue of animals. The protein is almost absent in potatoes, pasta or bread. In order to cover the daily rate, you need to eat meat, chicken and fish. All other products close 150 grams of protein is almost impossible.

What is most important in working on muscles?

It is impossible to achieve results by changing the program every week or even every three months. The combination of work “on the muscles” and “on the relief” is also meaningless – the body can not simultaneously burn fat and build muscle.

Running the program on the muscles, dividing the training sessions into the upper and lower parts of the body, four short workouts per week, putting out cardio in separate exercises, full protein nutrition and recovery are the basics of muscle growth.


Most tend to overestimate the importance of sports supplements and the choice of specific exercises, forgetting about such basic things as sufficient nutrition, recovery and progress of the working scales. But these things are important for muscle growth.

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