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Discover how to take creatine for muscle building and what is creatine loading for building big muscles; significantly improve your strength in the gym in just 6 weeks.

creatine for muscle buildingQuite a long time among food additives is popular creatine, which is spoken literally at every corner – it is a favorite kind of sports nutrition for many athletes. This substance is of natural origin, in large quantities found in meat and fish.

In addition, it is present in the human body – in small amounts produced by the liver, kidneys and certain glands of internal secretion. But the main reserves of creatine are found in human skeletal muscles, or rather in their fibers. In those of them that are responsible for the strength of muscles, there is the greatest amount of this substance. In fibers that are responsible for endurance, creatine is much less, but its level is restored several times faster.

In the body, creatine plays the role of a unique catalyst for metabolic processes and directly participates in the energy exchange process, which can not occur without creatine in principle.

In addition, creatine participates in the creation of ATP – the only source of energy for the work of the muscular system. Also, creatine is a constituent of such additives as geyner, protein and others, but in a pure form differs from them in that it acts on the body in a complex way, developing both the strength qualities and muscle mass at the same time.

There are a lot of myths and unverified data about it, which appear more and often take on very bizarre forms, but we’ll talk about this a little later.

How to use?

With download

Basically, creatine use for muscle building is sold in the form of powder or capsules

Separately it is necessary to tell about such scheme, as “loading”. The essence of this scheme is to take daily 20 grams of creatine for muscle building in four divided doses for 4-6 days. That is, in the first week, consume 5 grams of the substance 4 times a day between meals together with protein cocktails, geyners or sweet juices.

If the day is training, take one serving immediately after training. After a week, take 2-3 grams once a day after training or in the morning, if you have a day of rest. The course lasts a month. The break between the courses is a month.

Without downloading

muscle building creatineAnother scheme says that you need to take 5 grams of creatine every day for two weeks, then 7 days to allow the body to recover without using this supplement. Or, you can take 2 months, and then for 30 calendar days to take a break.

On training days, take creatine at the end of the workout. It is desirable to combine it with protein cocktails, geynerami or sweet juices.

Which scheme is more effective? Does creatine build muscle

At the same time, scientists came to the conclusion that both schemes of creatine intake are basically the same in effect. However, there are a number of features that differ from these schemes and can affect your choice.

The circuit with the load has a more powerful evidence base and faster results than the circuit without loading. But, in the first case, a greater consumption of the substance and a higher risk of side effects.

Tip: drink or stir the supplement with a glass of sweet liquid (more – better). Studies have shown that the optimal time to take muscle building creatine – before or after active sports. This is due to the fact that during and after exercise, blood flow and metabolism are accelerated.

If today you do not exercise – drink creatine in the morning! In the morning, a high concentration of testosterone is observed in the body, which makes it possible to accelerate the absorption of creatine.

Admission in smaller doses

creatine muscle gainSwedish researchers carried out a comparative analysis of two subgroups that took creatine muscle gain: one of them – according to the classical scheme (20 g / 2 g) with loading, the second received daily 3 grams. A month later, it was found that the degree of muscle saturation with nitrogen amine increased by 20% in both subgroups, despite the fact that the latter received a significantly lower amount of the additive. The need for loading will disappear if the daily dose is increased from 2 g to three.

The experiments proved that the muscles are able to maintain a strictly limited amount of the nitrogen amine, its excessive intake is not absorbed by the body. When using a non-loading scheme, it is advisable to apply it for 9 weeks with 4-6 week rest periods from the drug.

The researchers argue that the full saturation of the muscles during loading does not require a daily intake of the drug. Comparative analysis of the daily intake of supplementation and its application only on the day of training showed an equal effectiveness: in the supporting phase it is sufficient to use it 3-4 times a week.

Nutrition magazine published in 2010 the results of the experience of using creatine use for muscle building in 20 healthy women and men in low dosages (less than 2 g per day). The study found that small doses of creatine use for muscle building did not produce a noticeable result: after 6 weeks, the test subjects had explosive force, percentage of fat tissue and dry muscle mass remaining at the same level.

Myths and Misconceptions

Creatine is fanned with myths and legends – it’s impossible, it’s necessary, do not go there, do not stand there … Disgrace some popular myths about taking the supplement:

The download phase is mandatory

Not at all! The intake of creatine muscle gain is effective without loading. The main thing to observe the correct scheme of its reception.

Creatine can damage kidneys and liver

If you have contraindications, then yes, it can also hurt. If not – then everything should be normal. Such fortune-telling will be saved by the doctor in a white coat, to which one must regularly walk, be examined and follow all his recommendations.

Liquid additive is better than powder

It’s just a myth. The form of a substance is just a form.

Additives should be consumed with something sweet, for example, juice. It will accelerate its absorption by the body
Additives should be consumed with something sweet, for example, juice. It will accelerate its absorption by the body

Creatine use for muscle building is absolutely safe

No! Before taking the supplement it is necessary (!) To consult a doctor! You may have some kind of illness, some special features that should not be taken, you may get confused with the dosage. Remember – when you receive all sports supplements, you should visit a doctor!

Cheap and expensive creatine – the same

And why then this difference in price? Not the same. Expensive cleaner and more efficient, cheap less quality and with more impurities. It’s still a market, and its laws have not been canceled.

The drug may cause spasms

Clinical studies have not confirmed this information.

A sports supplement can be obtained from food

Of course you can! If whole days to eat beef, salmon, herring, cod in unlimited quantities and raw! Good luck!

Creatine is suitable for all athletes

Not everyone. It should not be used in those sports where high physical strength and stamina are not needed.

If you take it cyclically, the effect will be greater

This is not scientifically proven.

The drug should be drunk with grape juice

Why with grape? Nonsense! The main thing is that the dosage should be related as 100 g of juice to 5 g of creatine. And so – the juice can be anything! The only nuance may be that the sugar stimulates the production of insulin, which will carry creatine use for muscle building into the muscles. Choose sweet juices.


As you can see, taking creatine is justified – it allows you to improve the quality of training and achieve better results in building muscle mass. Dosages in the article are indicated averaged, more detailed consultation will be given to you by a doctor, to which you must go before the reception. Work on yourself and everything will turn out!

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