Exercise makes us stronger, stronger, slimmer. But sometimes it happens and trouble. How to avoid injuries and which of them can be obtained during a workout will tell our healthy living magazine by athletes-hero.com.

Workout rules

To avoid injury, you should follow certain rules during fitness workouts:

  • Consultation with a doctor. Before starting classes, always consult a specialist. He will tell you whether you have contraindications to increased physical exertion, and will also recommend options for suitable types of training.
  • Consultation with a coach. In the hall, ask for advice from a fitness instructor. This is especially important for beginners. The specialist will show how to use these or other simulators, make an individual lesson plan, and also monitor the correctness of the exercises.
  • Warm up and hitch. Before and after training, be sure to warm up the muscles, preparing them for the load. As a warm-up fit classes on cardiovascular machines: a treadmill, orbitreke, stationary bike. The hitch will help the body recover faster, improve elasticity and reduce the likelihood of blood stagnation in the muscles.
  • Proper exercise technique. This will help a fitness consultant. Remember: squats can be traumatic due to the high load on the knee joint. Carefully perform strength exercises, without sudden and impulsive movements that can lead to dislocations and more serious damage.
  • Abuse loads. Wanting to quickly achieve a result, many intensively increase physical activity. However, too frequent and prolonged workouts can lead to injuries and health problems. The body needs time to recover, so you should train no more than every other day. It is necessary to alternate the load on different muscle groups.
  • During the illness, refuse training. During this period, the body spends all its power to fight the disease. Fitness will take them away and will do more harm than good.
  • Observe safety precautions. Getting started training, read the rules.
  • At the first symptoms of pain, stop training and consult a doctor!

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Caution does not hurt!

No one is immune from injuries during fitness. And some exercises should be done carefully, if not completely replaced by others.

Weight squats

Weight squats in the gym
Weight squats in the gym

Performing this exercise, you strongly load the spine, which can lead to back pain, as well as serious injuries. In addition, knee joints may suffer during squats with weights.

Therefore, it is better for beginners not to practice this exercise, but if you do decide, use a small weight and ask an experienced trainer to check the correctness of the exercise.

At the time of squatting it is important to strain the abdominal muscles in order to protect the spine, and not to kneel down – they must move in the direction of the feet.


Running is the best cardio exercise
Running is the best cardio exercise

Even more than with squats with weight, knees are injured while running. In addition, sprinters suffer from inflammation of the plantar econeurosis, Achilles tendon inflammation, etc.

One of the main causes of such injuries in runners is an improper distribution of the load, when some muscles get excessive, and others – minimal.

Therefore, you need to adhere to the correct running technique, gradually increase the load, choose to run (if you prefer not to practice on the treadmill, but in the fresh air) a shaky level surface and suitable sports shoes.

Reverse push ups

Reverse push ups
Reverse push ups

Doing this exercise, you sit down on a bench, holding your palms (directed back) at its edge. Then, resting your palms, hang the pelvis and do push-ups. In this case, a serious load goes to the shoulder joints and muscles, which can lead to pain and injuries.

Therefore, if you want to pump out the triceps, perform pushups on parallel bars. This exercise is less traumatic.

Lateral twisting

Ab exercise at home
Ab exercise at home

Beautiful and tight belly – the dream of every girl. And wanting to achieve their goal, many of them are too diligently doing lateral twisting, during which the obliques are used. This can lead to muscle strain, accompanied by pain, spasms, and even the appearance of hematomas.

Girls should refrain from doing this exercise, as a result of an increase in waist size. It is better to replace it with cardio or pump over the abs.

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