Discover the amazing 7 steps to build muscle formula for muscle building, weight gain and speed boost. Now rid the body of the skinny body.

Step 1. Analyze your physical shape

For a long time did not look in the mirror? It’s time to do it. Take a closer look, if you can see the cubes of the press or they are hidden by a small layer of subcutaneous fat, then boldly take the second steps to build muscle. If you tear a crease on the abdomen or thigh, you see that it is thick with a thumb, then do not rush to follow the chosen path. For the beginning it is necessary to throw off superfluous fatty “ballast”.

Step 2. We continue to analyze

Next is your daily diet. Look at what you eat, what foods, how often and how much. Do they have enough protein, fat and carbohydrates, and most importantly calories? The ratio of bj (proteins / fats / carbohydrates) can vary for each person. But in general, you can give the following recommendations:

  • Consume at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of weight.
  • The amount of fats (mainly from plant sources and seafood) should be 1 g / kg.
  • Carbohydrates eat at least 3 g / kg.
  • The calorie content of the daily menu should exceed your energy consumption by 200 kcal.

To a strict diet, no one obliges you at all, but if your goal is a set of dry mass, then you’ll have to at least keep track of the caloric intake of food consumed. By the way the most common mistakes in muscle building are either malnutrition or overeating. And if in the first case you do not risk anything, perhaps you even get dry, then with overeating, the risk to turn into a piglet is great.

Step 3. Adjust the power

Should we arm ourselves with a couple of sports supplements steps to build muscle? You can do without them, if your food is fully. But we must understand that we are all busy people, we have our own worries and deeds. As a consequence, it is not always possible to eat all the canons of proper nutrition. In this case, food intake can be replaced with a protein (preferably an isolate or hydrolyzate) supplementing it with, for example, a banana or a loaf. In addition to the powder form of the additive, there are protein bars, cookies, pancakes and even chips.

In bodybuilding, the use of dried milk is common. At least, it was popular before the appearance of protein cocktails. Many use it as a cheaper substitute for a sports drink. But it has several disadvantages: high fat content and high lactose content.

If the hands “itch” and want to buy something from sports nutrition, pay attention to creatine. Additive, increasing the reserves of creatine in muscles, allows you to increase your efficiency in training steps to build muscle. But do not use it on an ongoing basis, because everything is good in moderation. Take creatine during periods of intensive training with cycle not more than 1 month, then rest for 3-4 weeks and you can repeat the reception again.

Step 4. We reserve with patience

build muscleIf you are new to the gym, then you will notice progress with the naked eye. But the higher your training experience, the slower your muscles will grow. That’s where patience comes in handy.

Our body is so arranged that it is not necessary to quickly build up muscle mass, it is too energy-consuming for its economical nature. This is especially true for girls.

To accelerate the growth of muscles and achieve impressive results in a relatively short time, ardent iron fans resort to the help of steroids. But at the same time, many of them forget about the risk associated with taking illegal drugs.

Now a few figures, so that you had a certain landmark speed dialing mass. Let’s say that you just started to exercise and follow all the recommendations, then, after rising to the scales in a month, an increase of 0.5-1 kg will be considered good. Perhaps you will say: “It’s not enough! We have a guy in the hall so many times in a week! “. But look at its shape in a month steps to build muscle, the press may not remain a trace, and the face will begin to take a round shape.

As for experienced “fighters”, here the results are more modest. If you train for 1-2 years, then you will not be able to brag about adding 1 kg in 2-4 months.

Step 5. Let’s move on to the iron

You have adjusted your diet and sorted out the sports supplements. But just so the muscles will not grow, they need an incentive. His role and will perform training.
A well-designed training program is an integral part of your progress. What is meant by correctness? First of all, the individuality of the program. That is, taking into account the level of your physical fitness, health and daily routine.

For example, if you work as a loader and you work hard all day at work, then a volume training with a lot of exercises and sets is unlikely to suit you. Preference is given to the intensive workload.

But we will reject the diversity of all cases and put the question squarely gain weight! We need to find out which training mode promotes muscle growth.

Not only athletes, but many scientists are inclined to think that the range of 6-12 repetitions contributes to muscle growth. That is, by choosing any exercises, you need to perform several (2-3) approaches for 6-12 repetitions.

There are several other conditions:

  • Golden mean. In addition to not overloading the muscles, it is important not to overload them. Proceed from this figure – 2-3 exercises for each muscle group. If you feel that the load is not enough, then add an exercise if you are tired – remove
  • Limited rest. Here, as in the previous paragraph, much or little is bad. Limit 1-1.5 minutes. Approximately during this time, the pulse will drop to 80-90 beats per minute
  • Do not strive in every approach to bring the muscles to failure. Only the final approach in the exercise is important
  • Sense of muscles. If you perform the exercise and do not feel what kind of muscle was working, consider that the effect from it will decrease significantly!

Step 6. Periodization

gain muscleAnd now you know how to eat and how to train muscles to grow! Now progress can not be stopped, at least there seems to be at first glance. The surplus of calories is, the working weight is growing. But there comes a time when everything stops in an instant. In the simulator, this effect is also called a “plateau”.

Many for some reason begin to force the load, eat more and apply a lot of sports supplements, considering the plateau as the wall to be pierced gain weight.

And why not step back a little, run away and jump over the wall? How do you like this gain weight?
This technique is called periodization. When you knowingly reduce the training load steps to build muscle, to give the body to restore strength for a new breakthrough. But it is not necessary to wait for the moment of the onset of the plateau. Apply periodization on an ongoing basis!

How it looks: suppose you have 3 workouts a week. Make one of them easy – reduce weight in exercises and the number of exercises. Do a second workout on the load. Increase the weight, but not to the maximum. And at the final training, bleed, as follows. Next week, change the workload of each workout.

By the way, periodization can be applied not only to the complex of exercises, but also to the nutrition program. This is how you can not only gain muscle, but at the same time get rid of fat! Yes, you heard correctly! The truth will have to sweat, calculating the caloric content of the diet, because you need to alternate periods of lack and excess caloric content.

In this case, consider that the muscles grow much slower than the “burning” of subcutaneous fat. This means that periods of excess caloric intake should last at least 2-3 months, while a deficit of calories should be kept only 3-4 weeks.

Step 7. Restore

The final step towards our goal of “recruiting dry mass” is impossible without a full recovery. Observe the sleep regime and shield yourself from all the stresses that strive to put a footboard on us steps to build muscle.

Well, friends, I congratulate you on crossing the finish line. If you have reached the end, great Respect to you!

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