Learn how to perform a perfect bodyweight squats exercises and my 4 week squats. Squats variations, benefits, muscles worked and programs.

This article with an intriguing title – how to squat correctly, might not be. After all, it always seemed to me that the adult man can squat very well. However, after visiting a pair of school physical education classes and visiting several local gyms, I realized that I was wrong. Without thinking for a long time, I decided to correct this situation and share with you my thoughts on this matter. I myself perfectly ideal technique of doing the exercise accidentally saw one of the best teachers of all time how to perform a perfect squat. Well, let’s not run ahead, everything in order.

All about sit-ups: they sat down, got up, sat down, got up.

how to perform squatsIn one of our previous articles on basic exercises, we already casually talked about squats with a barbell. However, her concept did not allow to fully answer the question: how to perform a perfect squat? Today our note will be entirely devoted to this topic.

At first glance, it may seem that in squats there is nothing complicated and there is really nothing to know, because after all, this is a natural movement for a person. Yes, it’s true, squats have been planted in us since childhood, but after some years, the human body “forgets” that ideal technique of performing squats, laid by mother nature, how to perform squats. A little further in this we have to make sure. Well, for now let’s go into the theory.

Squats (in general) and squats (in particular) are the best exercises for the formation of the lower part of the body, they knowingly treat the basic ones, because they involve a large number of muscle groups how to perform a perfect squat (hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks, muscles, body stabilizers) how to perform a perfect squat.

In addition to the fact that squats are a mass-gaining exercise (they allow to actively build the muscle mass of the whole body), they also strengthen such groups of joints as: knee, ankle and hip. In addition, due to the active work of the nervous system, squats significantly increase the secretion of growth hormone (growth hormone).

On the impact on the muscles of the legs, all squats can be divided into 2 large groups: with support only on the toes and with support on the entire foot. For men, it is more common to perform a second option, which allows you to stretch the hamstrings and muscles of the lower leg well. For women (who most of the time stay on their heels), “full-foot” squats should be done carefully, otherwise you can easily injure the already overloaded muscles of the shins.

To learn how to squat correctly, you do not need to be a sideman in the forehead, you just need to put the technique and from time to time look at yourself in the mirror. With the first you (oddly enough) will help a small child. The thing is that children are not only good and direct actors, they are also masters of sit-ups how to perform a perfect squat. They spend almost all the time “squatting”, so they have much to learn. Well, let’s take a master class from the karapuza, let him tell everything himself and show.

Perfect squat
Perfect squat

So, here are the main practical points that you need to pay attention to when doing sit-ups.

  • Roll your back

The back should be bent during the whole movement. It is thanks to the deflection that the negative load from the spinal column is removed, thus the risk of injury is minimized how to perform squats. Begin to approach the neck of the bar with the back already bent, for this, simply carry out the blades.

  • Do not tear off your heels

When squats, the load must fall on the heels, i.e. when you have reached the lowest point, the heels should be firmly pressed to the floor, and not to hang in the air. If this does not allow you to make anatomically the features of the body, then you can put a small (2.5 kg) pancakes or a wooden block under the heels. Check if at the bottom of the heel “do not walk”, then all is well.

  • Look behind your knees

In the squatting process, your knees should not be confined and go beyond the foot line. If the knees are reduced, then the weight of the burden will be shifted only to them, as a result of which the muscles of the legs will not receive the load, and the knee joints, on the contrary, will be unnecessary. Also, do not strongly bend them to the sides at the bottom point, “frog” to do to themselves to nothing.

  • Look up

Very often, many in the squat lower their heads, they say, look – what’s down there doing, maybe what’s wrong. In this case, the back is strongly round, and the athlete becomes like a question mark with a neck.

  • The bar is on the shoulders

Very often in the halls you can observe the following picture – the bar from the bar rests on the neck, the experienced upper vertebrae. In fact, in order to properly put the bar, you need to form a surface layer of muscles, by adjusting the blades. As soon as you remove the scapula, the neck will be exactly on the muscles of the trapezium.

  • Do not straighten to the extremity of the leg

When you rise from the lowest point to the starting position, do not straighten to the end of the leg. So you turn off the majority of muscle groups of legs, and all the load is transferred to the knee joint.

  • Do not go below the parallel of sex

In fact, if you have healthy knees, you can fall below the parallel of the thigh half. If you take a lot of weight, and your knee joints are pretty capricious, then it’s better to keep them and squat strictly to the parallel.

So, this is what we have analyzed the main “techno-practical” moments of sit-ups, now let’s look at all kinds of squats.

The main types of squats.

In addition to classic squats, you can perform their following variations:

  • Squats with a narrow setting of the legs;
  • Sumo squats;
  • Squats with a barbell on the shoulders;
  • Squats in Smith’s car.

perfect squatTo learn how to perform classic squats with a barbell on the shoulders, you must first learn to perform it without any burden and neck. Those. First: 1) practice in front of the mirror in the gym the main phases of the movement how to perform a perfect squat; 2) take a bodybuilder or an ordinary wooden stick and run the entire exercise; 3) take the neck, hang light pancakes and once again fix the technique of execution.

Begin mastering the correct technique of squats from the bottom of the movement. Stand in front of the mirror and put your feet to the width of your shoulders, turn the socks to the sides (approximately to an angle of 30 degrees from the center). Next, imagine that at the lowest point is a small chair, on which you need to sit down, sit on it (see do not fall :)). Follow the knees – they should not go too far beyond the socks line. At the bottom point, pull the knees out (they should be wider than the socks), and make the hips parallel to the floor.

So, in order to learn the correct technique of “squatting”, remember the following rules:

  • Always start your workout squats with a warm-up. In it, pay special attention to warming up the knee joints and stretching the ligaments of the leg muscles;
  • Execute 8-10 amplitude squats with an empty neck, remember the technique of execution;
  • Increase the weight of the shell gradually, start at 30% of the maximum and bring the figure to 80%;
  • Breathe according to the following scheme: inhalation, breath holding (time of lowering), exhalation – lifting;
  • During the whole exercise, keep the scapula folded, the lower back loosened and do not tear off the heels from the floor;
    additionally strengthen the back muscles (in particular the extensors), making hyperextensions;
  • If you have healthy knees, then squat deeply (below the parallel), otherwise – just enough horizontal with the floor;
  • Do squats smoothly and without jerking, while maintaining the correct position of the body;
  • 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions – quite a good training volume for the muscles of a newbie’s legs;
  • When working with large weights, use a weightlifting belt. It will increase your intra-abdominal pressure by 20% and allow you to take more weight while maintaining the correct technique.

Following these simple tips, you will minimize all “jambs” when doing squats and can easily and naturally execute them how to perform a perfect squat.


In conclusion, if you learn to squat correctly, then powerful developed legs are, at least, your diagnosis.

On the sim all. I think the article was useful, and you learned a lot from it. To not miss something “tasty”, subscribe to updates. I’m saying goodbye to you, see you soon!

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