Learn how to perform wide shoulder press exercises to build up large shoulder or deltoid muscles. Use my free shoulder workout program for sexy shoulder muscle.

I am sure that the experienced athletes who are versed in the question of periodization of training, biomechanics of movements and the theory of constructing specialized micro- and mesocycles on the face appeared a smile when they read the title of the article. Because there are no most powerful or best exercises. There are more effective and less effective movements, but much more important is not the exercise itself, but how to combine it with others within the weekly cycle.

Less experienced in sports, people continue to search for magical exercises, magic powders and sorcerous pills, which will quickly achieve results. Unfortunately, there are none. On the other hand, if it is reasonable to approach the question, it is possible to actually improve the shape of the deltas and achieve a significant increase in their volume over a very modest period. It took me eight months. After a year and a half deltas from the lagging ones turned into the dominant muscular group.

Below I will describe the principles that will help to build a training program intelligently with an emphasis on the development of shoulders. And, of course dianabol, I’ll show you the five most effective exercises for this.

The two main mistakes that prevent the development of mighty deltas

First error

Wrong technique of doing exercises. So pay special attention to their description below and on the video – picked the best quality videos.

Because of the technology curve, people load anything, but not their shoulders. Trapezium, back, arms, overload the wide shoulder press joints. In the first three cases, the load is ineffective – too little weight for these muscles or the wrong motion vector. And the result of the last case will be a trauma that will throw you away for a month and a half in training.

Looks at the bar, “bearish grip” – all this will end badly.

These are the most dangerous and useless strength exercises.

Second mistake

Too much load on the deltas, because of which they do not have time to recover. After all, these are small muscle groups that work in virtually all traction and pushing movements during the training of the chest and back.

Let’s recall one of the variants of the classic split:

  • Legs.
  • Chest + Back.
  • Hands + Delta.

During the training of the nurses, you have so well loaded the front beams of the deltas. And working on the back, the rear beams of the deltas swung extra. In a day again, thoroughly load these same muscles, but to restore them 48 hours too little. Muscles are not yet ready for serious work, because of what the strength results do not grow and, as a consequence, the volume of muscles too.

Moreover, the hands are also well loaded during the training of the chest and back. It turns out a double blow to all small muscle groups.

We will add in the whole of this batch the wrong technique of performing the exercises and get problems with the development of deltas (and hands too) in those who have these muscle groups are not dominant by nature.

The most effective exercises for training your shoulders

All kinds of exercises for the development of deltas (the wide shoulder press, in fact, it is part of the arm from the delta to the elbow, and the deltoid muscle – this is the same bead of three beams that you want to develop) a great many. You can work with blocks, with dumbbells, with a bar, not to mention dozens of specialized simulators military press machine.

Below I will cite the most effective movements in my personal opinion npp steroid profile, which is not the ultimate truth. It was these movements that I used to work out the deltas to their current state (photo at the end of the article).

First a bit of theory. The delta consists of three beams. Front, middle and rear. The front is responsible for the pushing movements, the rear is for pulling. The average delta is partly used in both cases, plus when hand is sideways.

In fact, for effective development of deltas, two basic exercises – bench press and traction – are sufficient.

Gesture movements in the strength training of any person is enough – all the guys love to reap lying, decently loading the front delta. And here with traction movements hose. And if they do draw rod to the chin, in most cases it is wrong, loading the trapezium and injuring the wide shoulder press joint.

As a result, we see a situation where the front delta is more or less developed, and the rear one is absent altogether. Let’s fix the situation.

Military press machine (bench press standing) How to do military press

military press machineAn excellent basic exercise for the development of the anterior delta, which partly involves the middle beam, too. The width of the grip is average, that is, take the neck slightly wider than the wide shoulder press. Take too much – part of the load will steal chest, too narrow – overload the triceps, which will refuse before the delta works well.

My personal advice? – I do not recommend lowering the bar below the level of the chin, so as not to give a breaking load on the joint. Even if flexibility allows you to lower the bar to your chest, do not test fate. The risk of injury does not justify the additional stretching of the muscle for its supposedly better growth.

Note that the military press machine also exercises the muscles of the bark well.

Dumbbell presses sitting or standing

how to do military pressAlternative to the military press machine, if you do press dumbbells while standing. In the case where there are difficulties with the loins and unwanted greater compression load, you can do a dumbbell press sitting with a slight inclination of the bench (80 °).

Of the features I will note only the moment where it is necessary to lower the dumbbells – to the level of the ears or that the angle between the shoulder and forearm is 90 °. Lower it below – create a breaking load on the wide shoulder press joint. Also do not forget that the dumbbells lie on the base of the palms, and not on their pads (calluses).

Thrust rod to the chin (to the chest)

The second basic movement for the development of deltas, in particular the middle and rear beams. The main mistake is to make this movement, grabbing the neck with a narrow grip, then pull it higher, lifting your elbows almost over your head. In this case, you injure the shoulder joint and force the trapezium to work, but not the delta.

Dilutions with dumbbells

An excellent option for further processing of the average delta beam, but with the correct execution of the exercise shoulder press barbell.

Leads back in the simulator “Butterfly” (plus swings in the slope)

shoulder press barbellA couple of additional exercises for the development of the rear beams deltas will not interfere annadrall side effects, since this group is most often behind in development.

In the lead back to the “Butterfly” simulator it is important to move the wide shoulder press forward and work inside the amplitude (it’s very short) so as not to involve the muscles of the back

Briefly about the main

The keynote of the article is not just to give some basic scheme for the work, but to teach the principles of the effective development of certain muscular groups.

In particular, success depends both on the correct technique of performing exercises, and on the intelligent construction of a microcycle, so as not to overload this or that muscle group. Use training on muscle assistants (synergists), if you want to save time and do not overload the body. Either reasonably cycle the training on muscles that are not related to each other, if you want to work them out as qualitatively as possible within the framework of one workout. And in this case it is desirable to take one large muscle group and one small one. Let’s admit or allow pectoral and biceps, a back and a triceps, etc.

To develop a beautiful, athletic body is not as easy as it seems. There must be thought. At least, if you want to progress, and not for years to stamp on the spot.

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