Learn how to change the title of hardgainer, using the power of belief to become a easy Gainer and to see the most rapid progress in the muscles of your life. All the year round you trained on the system of high-intensity training. Progress has always been excellent, but you began to notice that it is slowing down. To be honest, growth stopped altogether. At this point, most slender body type begin to panic. Problems with the work of the body? Maybe try new food supplements? Or engage in other simulators? Add sets or increase repetitions? Calm down! The answer to all these questions is one – no. To solve the problem, you need to understand how the body adapts to the intensity of training. Also pay attention to how much time you rest. After that, the progress will necessarily resume!

An experienced bodybuilder, who has 2-3 years of regular training easy gainer (naturally, his muscles have already adapted to high-intensity training), you need another, more powerful tool. He needs to move to a higher level. Here’s what Mike Metnzer said about it:

“Like nothing else, the high-intensity training system makes the bodybuilder start thinking. He ceases to follow someone else’s training programs and dietary recommendations just because their author has won the championship title. Now we know that the victory in prestigious tournaments is largely determined by genetics. But let’s go further than just analyzing the elementary training practice, and look at the basics of conventional methods of training.

hardgainerFor example, where it is stated that one repetition must necessarily follow the other? Who said that the working weight must be allowed to perform 10 repetitions? Of course, these questions are rhetorical, as we understand that there are no strict rules. Nevertheless, many of us force them to train traditionally. No one has ever carved a sequence of repetitions on a stone hardgainer, it just seems natural, so why not? Ten – a round figure, let it be ten. ”

We know that intensity is the single most important factor easy gainer affecting the growth rate of skeletal muscles. Certain efforts impose stress on the muscles and the entire slender body type, which causes it to adapt, increasing the size and strength of the muscles. But if we want to constantly progress, we must increase the load each time (which is what beginners do in the course of basic, traditional training). Mike wrote:

“By continuing to perform tasks appropriate to the current capabilities of the body, you can not stimulate progress. Muscle growth is the body’s response to the stress of overload, and it stops when the effort is not strong enough to make the body defend and adapt. “

On beginning bodybuilders, almost any type of training has a sufficient load hardgainer and guarantees an excellent adaptation, which is expressed in the growth of the size and strength of the muscles. The transition from complete inactivity to training (with moderate or even low intensity) already represents an overload for the body. Beginner bodybuilders progress only by increasing working weight and reducing the rest time between sets. However, at a more advanced stage, the training formula becomes more complicated due to the acquired physiological changes associated with muscle growth.

Mike Mentzer said more than once that, the more muscles you have easy gainer, the greater the pressure on the restorative abilities and body reserves used in the course of intensive muscle contractions. Physiologists know that the average person can increase his strength and ability to develop intensity by about 300%, while the recovery capabilities can only grow by 50%. That is, the stronger and bigger we become, the higher the probability of overtraining.

However, most bodybuilders continue to move in the wrong direction: instead of increasing intensity and reducing the duration of training, they reduce the intensity and increase the duration. They think that they should constantly prolong and prolong the training time. As a result, the following happens: the intensity of sessions decreases, and progress slows down or stops altogether. Mentzer wrote about this in the 80’s:

“At some point, I reached a plateau in my training easy gainer. Although I trained in my usual manner – it’s very hard, with maximum efforts in every set, I did not have any weight. Having talked on this subject with physiologists, I realized that my body adapted to this intensity and methods of training. To be precise, to pre-fatigue and forced repetitions. The problem was that now I was so strong, and my ability and desire to work out maximum efforts are so high that each of 6 repetitions of my usual set was enough to create in my muscles a deficiency of oxygen and excess lactic acid, starting with the first repetition hardgainer workout. This did not allow me to develop maximum efforts at the end of the approach. I needed a method to perform the most intense muscle contractions and not creating a deficit of oxygen and an excess of metabolites that prevent the development of ultra-intensive efforts. “


hardgainer workoutThis method for Mike was a method of rest-pause. At first, he performed several warm-up approaches, gradually increasing working weight. Then, for the first working class, he selected the weight corresponding to the maximum single. The maximum attempt involves maximum muscle contractions and their highest intensity. After completing one repetition, Mike lowered his weight and rested for 10 seconds to allow the muscles to replenish oxygen stores and remove some metabolites. This rest, moreover, guaranteed the fulfillment of the second repetition with the same weight and with the same maximum effort. Work on this technique, Mike suggested doing with a training partner, because the second repetition was not always possible to finish independently easy gainer. He wrote:

“Make sure that the help of a partner is sufficient only for the completion of the second repetition, no more than that.”

After the second repetition, Mike lowered his weight and rested again for 10 seconds. For the third repetition with the same weight, he was already tired enough, so he reduced it by 10% to perform the third repetition on his own. After a ten-second rest followed one more repetition with a reduced weight, and then one more hardgainer workout. There were five repetitions with rest and pause. Often Mike asked the training partner to help him only in the fourth rep and that’s why:

“When using the rest-pause technique, I do not advise doing more than 4-5 repetitions. This technique is very intense and requires absolute discipline. The maximum here is literally every repetition, not just the last one in the set, as in traditional methods of training. This is what makes the technique so heavy and productive. In addition, I would recommend only one set in each exercise, all for the same reason. Once again, I recall that the higher the intensity, the higher the risk of overtraining. If you stimulated muscle growth with heavy training, let it happen. If you are constantly overtraining and do not give your body enough time to recover, then what kind of growth are you waiting for? First, recover, and growth will follow. ”

easy weight gainerMike said that experienced bodybuilders should not perform more than one set with rest-pause for each part of the body, and can easily incorporate this technique into their usual high-intensity training program. For example, by training the chest, you can perform one set of dilutions of hands with dumbbells or hand information hardgainer workout in the “pek-dec” to a positive failure, and immediately afterwards (as the second set of the pre-fatigue cycle) – one set of presses on an incline bench rest-pause easy gainer.

Mike suggested using the rest-pause technique for no longer than 4-6 weeks easy weight gainer. It is heavy both physically and morally, and can make you burn out and lose motivation. Follow the basic requirements of high-intensity training:

  1. Do all exercises carefully and controlled. Do not try to toss or beat heavy weights, this can lead to injury to the joints. The very lifting of heavy weights does not cause injuries – injuries occur due to jerks, beatings and the use of inertia.
  2. Always emphasize the negative phase of repetition. Experts believe that due to the negative phase, training with weights has the greatest effect.
  3. Limit the number of sets. Never perform more than 3 sets per part of the body. As you progress, you will want to carry out more and more approaches, thanks to the growing enthusiasm and overwhelming energy. But, as pointed out by Mentzer, the most important exercise that you must perform constantly is self-restraint. The body should be fully restored, and with a large number of high-intensity sets this may not happen.
  4. Never exercise more than once in 4-7 days. Sometimes even this happens a lot. You should be guided only by indicators of progress. If the use of rest-pause technology does not give results, then you do not give your body enough time to recover. And remember: no one has ever said that you have to train seven times a week. If the intensity of the loads is sufficient, then the only impediment to progress can only be a shortage of recovery easy gainer.

What’s next?

What if you have already benefited from this technique? Can I train even more intensively? Mentzer had the answer to this question – static retention and advanced method of high-intensity training, which he called a multi-scoring training easy weight gainer.

Infinitonic training

Infinitonic training is similar to the rest-pause easy gainer method in that in every repetition, maximum efforts are made, and also because the negative part of each repetition also becomes maximum. In other words, you make the usual maximum repetition in the style of rest-pause, but lower the weight very slowly, with a little help from the training partner.

“In most cases, the weight that allows you to perform one maximum repetition is sufficient to perform one negative repetition. If it is too easy for the negative, your partner should provide additional resistance to mild pressure on the weight. However, he must be careful not to press so hard that you lose control of the weight and hurt yourself. He must understand well what you are doing. The task is to make every muscle contraction as intense as possible. ”

Multiple training

hardgainer dieIn his latest book, High-Intensive Training, Mike Mentzer pointed out that each skeletal muscle has three levels of strength: positive (weight lifting), static (weight-keeping) and negative (weight-lowering).

Each level correlates with different types of abbreviations easy gainer: concentric, static and eccentric. The last method of increasing the intensity makes easy weight gainer it necessary to develop efforts in each type of contraction in each repetition. Mike called it a multi-scoring training and described it as follows:

“After the warm-up, select the weight that allows you to perform the maximum single, as in the cases of rest-pause and in-flight training. However, this time, while lowering the weight in the negative phase of the repetition, stop it at three different points in the amplitude. One of them will be close to the top point, the other – in the middle of the amplitude, and the third – close to the bottom point. Stopping the weight at each point, try to change the direction of its movement (which should not happen) and hold it for 2-3 seconds. Perform such a set in the style of rest-pause, resting for 10 seconds between each of 4-5 reps of the set. You can vary the static retention points in each repetition. “

Experiment with all three techniques of increasing intensity, applying this or that to each training.


When Mike and Ray Mentzer experienced the above-described training techniques, they witnessed a significant increase in muscle mass:

“We used rest-pause, infitonic and shoestring training in the summer before Ray’s victory at the” Mr. America “tournament and my second place at Olimpia. As we saw significant results, I realized that the new methods of high-intensity training are worth attention. Do not forget: with increasing intensity, the duration of the load should decrease! The number of repetitions should not exceed four. This is a very hard way. “

If you are an experienced bodybuilder and recently feel that progress has stopped easy gainer, try high-intensity training methods. They are not for weaklings, but only they will help you to continue revealing your own muscle potential.

How a Hardgainer can begin Building Muscle like an Easy Gainer

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