Certain medical conditions like trauma, surgery or long term use of corticosteroid often leads to weight loss which can easily be regained through Anavar medications. It even eliminates or reduces bone pain caused due to osteoporosis (bone loss). Anavar’s Oxandrolone belongs to a special class of drugs named anabolic steroids. Such medicines are quite similar to the male hormones produced in the body.

Ways To Use Anavar Tablets

anavar tabletsThis medicine should be taken orally usually 2-4 times in a day or as prescribed by the doctor. If there is stomach issues, one might even take it with food or milk. Dosage is completely based upon the medical treatment and responsive results.

In order to get maximum benefits of it, one should take it regularly. In order to remember well, one should take it at same times every day. However, this medicine is not meant for long term treatments.

Improper use of an anabolic steroid causes serious side effects. It includes heart disease (even causing heart attack), improper bone growth in adolescents, mental or mood problems, liver disease, stroke or behaving like a drug addict. Overdosing should be avoided; do not use it frequently or for longer durations than prescribed. In case of misuse or abuse of the anabolic steroid or when you suddenly stop the drug intake, one might face withdrawal symptoms irritability, depression or tiredness. Such symptoms might last from weeks to months depending upon the condition. However, if it does not improve or get worse, consult the doctor soon.

Side Effects of Anavar Tablets

Some side effects which are likely to occur includes headache, vomiting and nausea, skin colour changes, alterations in sexual interest, hair loss, acne or oily skin and many more. In case such conditions persist or get worse, consult the doctor or pharmacist quickly.

Remember, the reason behind prescribing this medicine to you is its greater benefits over the risky side effects on your body. Many people don’t have serious side effects. Talk to the doctors immediately if any of such side effects occur: snoring/trouble sleeping, mental or mood changes like depression, anxiety or increased anger.

Certain serious issues that occur in males include breast swelling or tenderness, trouble urinating, prolonged or frequent erections. Consult the doctors soon in case of such side effects. Generally, males face prolonged erections which might last for up to 4 or more hours. If it actually occurs, stop the drug intake, rush to the doctor else the problem might become permanent with no solution. Such medication limits and decreases the production of sperm which might surely affect the male fertility.

Females, on the other hand faces following issues: hoarseness, voice deepening, enlarged clitoris, unusual growth of hairs on face and body or irregular menstruation. This medication increases the water holding capacity of the body generally called edema which consequently increases the risk of heart failure. The serious signs of heart failure or water retention include swelling ankles and feet, sudden and unusual weight gain or tiredness, breathing problem and talk to the doctor soon.

However, any serious allergic reaction due to this drug is quite rare. In case you face or notice the symptoms of certain allergic reactions, consult the doctors soon. These symptoms include severe dizziness, trouble in breathing, rashes, itching and swelling especially in face, throat or tongue. However, if the symptoms are other than those mentioned above, stop the medication and consult your pharmacist.

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Before you start the intake of Oxandrolone, it would be wise to tell the doctors if you are allergic to it or have any other allergic problems. Such medicines usually contain some inactive ingredients which might cause reactions or any other issues. For more details, consult the pharmacist. It should even be avoided in case of certain medical conditions. Consult your doctor before taking this medicine in case you have prostate cancer, mineral imbalance like high calcium blood level or breast cancer in men.

how to use anavarYou should inform about your medical history before starting this medication. Some medical problems that should surely be informed include some heart disease (like heart attack, chest pain, and heart failure), any type of cancer, liver and kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, enlarged prostate, high cholesterol and breathing problems like COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and sleep apnea.

Use of this medicine lowers the blood sugar level of the diabetes patient. Hence, get the sugar level tested regularly and submit the report to the doctors. You should even talk to the doctor if you face the symptoms of low blood sugar like sweating, fast heartbeat, blurred vision, dizziness, shaking, or dingling feet and hands. In such a case, the doctor might adjust your medications of diabetes, diet or exercise program.

If you are bed ridden or unable to walk for a very long period of time, talk to the doctors. They would check the calcium level of the blood for preventing such problems. It is strictly cautioned to the older adults regarding the intake of such medication as it increases the risk of liver or prostate problems and even cause arm/leg swelling.

It is advised not to use this drug by children as it hampers their bone growth thereby leading to shorter adult height. During the treatment, the doctor would monitor the growth and development of the bones. It should strictly be avoided during pregnancy as it harms unborn baby. Other reliable forms of birth control like condoms or control pills should be used after discussing the doctors. In case you are pregnant or thing like being pregnant, see the doctor.

It is not sure whether this drug enters the breast milk or not. However, it might affect the milk production and breastfeeding infants as well. It is not recommended to use this drug while using such drugs. Talk to the doctors before breast feeding.


Obviously, your doctor might be aware of different drug interactions and would have been monitoring it. Before checking or consulting the doctor, do not stop, start or change the dosage of any medicine you take. Before starting this drug, tell the doctors regarding all the medicines whether prescribed, non-prescribed or herbal products you are using. Do inform if you are taking any ‘blood thinners’ like warfarin.

Such medications even interfere with certain lab tests like thyroid function tests as it causes false test result. Make sure the laboratory personnel and the doctors know about you taking this drug. Although all possible interactions are not mentioned, hence, before using this drug, inform the doctors about all the products you are using. Keep the list of medicines being used ready and show it to the doctor or pharmacist.


Doctors should be approached if one has taken the overdose as it has the serious symptom of trouble breathing.

Important Notes

Note: Sharing this medicine with anyone is against the law. Hence, avoid sharing it. Periodic medical or laboratory tests should be performed like blood cholesterol levels, RBC counts, liver function tests, PSA test and so on in order to know about the progress or serious side effects if any.

Missed Dose: in case you miss the daily dose, take it no sooner you remember. In case the time of next dose has approached, leave the missed dose and continue the schedule as it is. Avoid doubling the dose for greater results.

Storage: It should be stored between 15-30 degrees C or 59-86 degree F, away from moisture and light. Don’t store it in bathroom and keep it away from the reach of pets and children.

Avoid flushing medications unless it is told to do so. Proper methods should be used for discarding such medicines if it is expired or when you don’t need it. In order to safely discard it, consult your doctor or talk to the local waste disposal companies for more details.

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