Discover the 5-step magic formula to set and achieve your muscle building goals faster than you ever thought possible 6 month body transformation. Discover your bodybuilding goals now!

Principles and techniques that promise “immediate growth of the masses” are just a lot. To master them all is not enough for the life of Duncan MacLeod, not to mention a simple guy who decided to quickly and efficiently “fan”. First, try these 5 tips – it should be the first time!

muscle building goals


1. The right diet – namely frequent meals (up to 8 times a day). But do not rush to switch to such a regime in one day – this is done gradually, week after week. Increasing the number of meals (as well as serving sizes) gradually “untwists” the metabolism – and this causes the body to build an additional muscle building bodybuilding goals volume. The very same meal should be done every 1.5 to 2 hours.


2. Breakfast – oatmeal porridge without butter, meat with baked potatoes or pasta, cocoa with milk or coffee. These dishes are energized for the whole day, because they contain “slow” carbohydrates. Two hours later – a protein-carbohydrate cocktail, another two – a large steak from red fish or meat with pasta. In another hour you can have a bite of sandwiches with cheese and sausage. An excellent source of carbohydrates – confectionery (preferably home cooking, without the use of margarine) 6 month muscle transformation. Pancakes, pies, buns must be eaten during the day, not only to maintain energy and muscle building bodybuilding goals tone, but also for their growth, muscles grow after rest, and the more muscle volume, the more calories needed for their growth. The volume of food eaten at a time is increased gradually, once a week. The protein should be eaten at the rate of 3-3.5 gr. per kilogram of its own weight. With a good diet a day with food receives 130-170 grams of protein, you can add additional protein-protein mixtures.

Animal fats

bodybuilding goals3. Animal fats (butter, lard) prefer fats of vegetable origin (olive oil, fish oil) – they are very useful for joints, so in their diet should be at least 20%.

Proper training

4. Training for weight gain should follow the following pattern: one muscle group swings … just once a week! For each group of muscles, no less than 3, but not more than 5 exercises for 4-5 approaches are done (counting warm-ups). Be sure to include in the training stretching muscles trained exercises 6 month muscle transformation. Well, of course – the weight should be maximum!

Increasing weights

5. At each workout, try to increase the working weight by at least 0.25 kg. This approach will significantly increase the strength indicators, and the mass, as is known, is directly proportional to the force. This can be achieved by following this pattern: the first approach of the base exercise is 12 repetitions with relatively light weight, the second – 10 repetitions with a heavier weight, the third – 6-8 repetitions with very heavy weight, and the fourth – 2-4 repetitions with super heavy weight. Sometimes you can add one more, the fifth approach – 1-3 repetitions with “extra-terrestrial” weight. And do not forget – you can train in this way only with the insuring partner!

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