How to perform bench press without bench? If your gym does not have a bench or you are training at home, then the dumbbell press and stone rack are great alternatives for the bench press without a bench.

The embossed press is the dream of many men and women, but how does a dream come true? Famous sports bloggers say: “cubes are made in the kitchen.” This means that not only exercise but proper nutrition will make cubes on the stomach because nutrition just needs to be given more importance than pumping muscles. And how to properly press the press, without leaving home, we find out further.

Is it possible to pump a press at home without a gym?

Indeed, to see the cubes, you need to get rid of the fatty layer and it’s not so easy. You can perform a training complex for years, but you cannot see the relief press, and you can also achieve excellent results for a month. Sweets, flour products and many other simple carbohydrates will cover the abdominal muscles with a layer of fat, and as hard as you train the cubes, there will be no effect. In home training, you need to start with the introduction of correct and useful food bench alternative. Moreover, each product must be taken on time, without bringing the body to starvation and without slowing the metabolism.

Fortunately, for training, unique simulators or equipment are not needed. Classes can take place using your weight. You only need a mat and if desired, you can add special weighting cuffs to increase the load and pump up the press. Since the body can get used to every load, it is necessary to use additional weights or the help of a partner to complicate the exercise.

At home, fantasy may manifest itself because of lack of an alternative to a bench press. Instead of using dumbbells chest press without bench, bottles of water on hand can be effectively used. Therefore, at home it is quite realistic to arrange a training session for a press, giving less time. But remember, the rest of the time is spent on food control.

What do you need to see the cubes on your stomach?

To quickly pump the ideal, you must first of all, get rid of excess fat. Abdominal muscles do not require considerable efforts to improve the tone and shape of the cubes, they are already anatomically shaped so that they can be viewed under the condition of a complete absence of subcutaneous fat.

Accordingly, the smaller the fat tissue, the more prominent the cubes on the abdomen. You can remove fat by training, but they should not be limited to exercises on the bench press without bench. To speed up the result, it is necessary to perform cardio training, which stimulates the overall fat burning, then the fat will leave evenly from the whole body. Training should be regular, but they should not be performed every day. The muscles of the press are restored quickly enough, so you can load them in a day. Exercises on the press can be performed after cardio loads.

For example, after a 30-minute run, a press complex is performed. Another essential condition for drawing cubes is the correct diet. Power should not slow down the result. Fulfilling all the requirements, every week the cubes will be seen more clearly.

The best exercises for the press at home

alternatives to bench press

When doing the exercise alternatives to bench press, try to include precisely the area that you want to work on. Neuromuscular communication plays a significant role in the pumping of any muscle group. This will allow you to maximally include the necessary fibers in the work and make the movement more efficient on how to bench press without a bench.


Various twists are the most effective way to work out the muscles of the abdominal press, which shrink directly when the body is folding. Important! Do the exercises correctly! The hull lifts should be performed only with a rounded back, dropping to the floor alternately by each department of the spine bench press without bench. And the lower twists (leg lifts) on the bench or the floor are performed only with a tightly pressed waist to the floor, without sagging. Both techniques will exclude the possibility of trauma to the lumbar spine. However, by themselves, exercise is ineffective if you do not perform fat burning complexes and cardio-operations.


This is an excellent and affordable way to fight excess fat. This type of cardio-oxygen burns subcutaneous fat as energy necessary for work. Reducing the volume of the waist bench press without bench, running can gradually draw a beautiful relief. But in addition to fat burning, you need to bring the muscles into tone, then the drawing of the press will be more distinct and harmonious. The appearance of such a waist will be more athletic.

When to train a press

chest press without bench

For most people, it will be enough to perform this complex at least three times a week. Advanced bodybuilders can do it every day. I like to deal with the press and cardio first thing in the morning, just getting out of bed, leaving strength training for the afternoon. So, I disperse my metabolism twice a day. If you prefer to train everything in one fell swoop, I would advise you to load the press as a warm-up before a power training or a hitching after it, if you plan on heavy exercises like squatting or deadlift. And after that, go to cardio.

How to simplify or complicate the workout for the press

If you cannot perform some exercise, for example, because of a lower back injury, then you can easily replace it with another, more sparing for the waist. On the other hand, if you have a healthy spine, and you want to build up the muscles of the press, I advise doing this complex three times a week with a little burden like a light pancake or dumbbells.

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