Build your leg day properly! Muscles of the legs – the largest muscles, and how they muscular legs are developed, affects the level of general physical training of a person. The developed muscular mass of the legs gives us great advantages, which leave no further questions: to swing or not to pump. First, the legs are a very large muscle group, training which we burn a lot of calories and help our body to accelerate the metabolism. Secondly, to swing the leg muscles is also because training them, we simultaneously train the shoulders, arms, upper back, and also increase the overall indicator of the body’s resistance to unfavorable factors. Thirdly, strong legs help us to protect ourselves from injuries and sprains. And, finally, slender, tight legs – it’s just very beautiful!

Having decided to do leg training, before choosing a special set of exercises, many ask the question: are the best indicators of the effectiveness legs muscles exercise of the training process achieved at home or in the hall? You can do it at home, but few can boast of a large assortment of sports equipment and simulators on their living space. Therefore, for a long time without hesitation, sign up for the gym. In addition, there is a coach in the gym, which can be contacted for help if there are any muscular legs questions.

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Basic requirements of the training process

  1. To train your feet, you need to allocate a personal day, when you will only pump them.
  2. In order to pump up the legs , that is, to increase their muscle mass, to begin a complex of exercises in the hall better from the base: squats, deadlifts , lunges – the best exercises for training hips and buttocks.
  3. The number of approaches and the number of repetitions in each approach will depend on the goal you are pursuing. In order to increase the strength of the legs, perform three to six repetitions in each of the five approaches. But if you have a goal to pump muscles, then do three or four sets of ten to twelve repetitions.
  4. Do exercises in full amplitude. Only by doing the exercise with the maximum stretching of the fibers, you can pump the muscles of the legs.
  5. On the leg press platforms, use different leg positions. This allows you to shift the load from one muscle group to another.
  6. Before training your feet it is useful to load yourself with carbohydrates, which will charge you with energy and allow you to make training in the hall more intense and productive. This is very important when you need to pump such a large group of muscles, like the legs.
  7. Follow the technique of doing the exercises. By doing them correctly, you thereby increase the effectiveness of the training and protect muscular legs yourself from unwanted injuries.

Complexes for increasing strength and muscle mass of legs, hips and buttocks are divided into exercises with the use of simulators and exercises with free weights.

muscular legs

Training with the use of sports equipment

Exercises in the gym using the simulators to swing the leg muscles are divided into the following types:

  1. Squats in the GACK simulator basically pump the quadriceps, but if you put your legs wider, you can also include the lateral surface of your hips. During the exercise, the back should be pressed to the mobile platform, move smoothly and do not go out with knees for socks.
  2. Extension of legs in the machine while sitting. Here the muscles of the quadriceps of the thigh are involved, which makes it possible to pump them in isolation. Since in this exercise there is a strong load on the joints, do not use large weights. Unbend your legs until they are parallel to the floor, press your back to the seat of the machine, do the exercise slowly, trying to feel the work of the muscle.
  3. Bringing the hip in the crossover from the lower block swings for muscular legs the most part the gluteal muscle. Stand with your right or left side to the simulator, fix the fastener on the leg closest to it. On exhalation, swing the foot with the cable attached to it, before crossing with the free leg. Returning to the starting position, take a breath. Try to keep your leg as far as possible to maximize your muscles.
  4. Ascent to socks in the simulator (when the question arises, how to pump caviar ). In this exercise, the calves work in isolation from other leg muscles.
  5. Press the legs in the simulator at an angle. This exercise helps to pump the muscles of the legs well with the use of large weights, while practically not burdening your back. The closer you put your feet to the edge of the platform, the more the muscles legs muscles exercise of the buttocks and the muscles of the inner thighs will work. During the exercise, make sure that the waist is not torn from the seat of the machine.
  6. Bending the legs in the simulator lying down will swing the upper part of the back of the thigh, as well as the gluteal muscles when the full amplitude of movement is performed. You can perform the exercise both with both feet at once, and alternately.
  7. Extension of the hip in the crossover from the lower block allows you to separately pump the buttocks and the back of the thigh. While exhaling, unbend the hip and lead back, inhaling, return to the starting position. Exercise correctly: take your leg straight back, and not in the side, and try to raise it higher. In this case, the muscles will be worked out much more efficiently.
  8. Breeding the legs in the simulator helps to pump up the large and middle gluteal muscles and give your legs a beautiful outline. Do not bend your legs strongly during this exercise.


exercises on legs


Training with free weights

Exercises with free weights, performed to pump the muscles of the legs and buttocks, are divided into the following:

  • Dumbbell attacks best help create a beautiful shape of the buttocks and lift them. Also attacks can be performed with the barbell. Place your feet legs muscular slightly muscular legs wider than your shoulders. While lancing, make sure that the step is wide enough, and the bent leg forms a right angle. The knee should not “look out” for the sock. The body must also remain flat, the press strained. Falls with free weight are made forward, backward and in motion. To pump up the muscles of the buttocks, do not forget about this exercise.
  • Squats with a barbell on the shoulders – a very effective exercise for obtaining a beautiful shape of the legs and buttocks. It also uses the back of the thigh, the back muscles and the press. In squatting, decisive importance is not so much the number of repetitions in the approaches and the weights used, as well as the correctness of the training. Many girls are afraid to pump their feet and therefore avoid squatting with weights in principle. This fear is absolutely unjustified, since the female body structure will not allow the muscles to grow excessively, even if they “very much want” it. Squats with a barbell should be performed 10-15 times in three approaches. Before performing the exercise, the neck should be placed on the shoulders (but not on the neck), straighten the back, shovel the scapula, lift the chin up, and place the feet slightly wider than the shoulders. Begin the movement downward, pulling the buttocks back so, as if you want to sit on a chair. Do not let your knees go over your socks. Continue until the hips become parallel to the floor, but know that the lower the squat, the more the muscles of the buttocks are involved in the exercise. Then smoothly return to the initial position.
  • Deadlift. With her, it’s good to swing the muscles of the back of the thigh. Legs should be placed slightly wider than the hips, keep the back straight, the chin pointing forward. Slightly bending your knees, bend over and take the bar that lies before you with both hands. Further, keeping the back straight, like a glide on the thighs, straighten, making an exhalation. Doing the exercise correctly, you should not feel pain in the lower back.
  • The gluteal bridge also works well on the buttocks. Put the pancake legs muscular or vulture on the pelvis and during the exercise, fix it with the hands.

All basic exercises with free weights should be included in the complex of exercises, aimed at training the muscles of the legs. To the muscles of the legs and buttocks after training, quickly recovered, after completing the complex you need to stretch or take a hot bath.

Know that any exercises will not bring the desired effect, if you do not eat properly and fully. Choose the best natural products for muscular legs your diet. Performing the above exercises, you can pump up the muscles of the legs and achieve an attractive relief of the thighs and buttocks.

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