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If one main topic for controversy in bodybuilding, it’s additives. There are bodybuilders who swear by everything, and there are those who say that the whole industry is a complete nonsense. Not to mention the fact that advertising can get carried away with the statements they make, and the hype that they create. After that, the general public is convinced that every addition in the market is loaded with steroids. One of the keys to understanding additives and making wise decisions is the ability to learn to look past advertising.

Never buy a product based on intense advertising – never! Look at the label of the composition – what is inside, they conducted the research for scientific justification, and whether the ingredients are presented with a clear dosage – in other words, there should not be any own mixtures and the label should be 100% transparent. Advice – never make a purchase decision simply based on the brand name and product description – it’s part of the label that is specifically designed to sell the product best supplement for muscle growth. Also, do not shake the decision to purchase the product mainly because your favorite professional bodybuilder recommends it. Check the ingredients on the back of the label. Copy the names of the main ingredients and look for them on Google to find authoritative sources of information.

Also look for scientific research that reinforces their effectiveness. Each ingredient should be clearly indicated dosage, and a group of nutrients should show all that is in the product. Again, do a search for any ingredient in which you are not sure, the product itself and even the company, to create a clear picture of what the product really does. Let’s take a look at those supplements that are useful additions to the program of any bodybuilder, and then how to properly fold them. These types of supplements will actually work to help increase muscle growth scientifically proven muscle building supplements.best supplements for muscle growth

Protein powders

proteinIn fact, this is an addition that can not fail to work. Cause? Because protein is the most important macronutrient responsible for increasing muscle mass. And the powder form is needed for convenience, allowing you to take it quickly. It is easy to make and easy to consume quality protein and calories scientifically proven muscle building supplements, helping you fulfill your daily goals in protein. That’s all about this addition. The best powders use high quality protein sources, such as whey and casein or a combination of two. Milk whey is known as a rapidly digestible protein, and casein is a slow digestible protein. The only period when it will matter is when you are sleeping – you need a slowly digestible protein to compensate for catabolic processes and maintain protein synthesis at an elevated level during the sleep cycle.

That’s the thing, many of you lead a busy, restless life, whether it’s work, school or family obligations, or all of the above – a protein cocktail in that case can be a godsend. Try 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of muscle mass (not less), evenly divided throughout the day. In some cases, depending on the weight of the person, that amount may be excessive. Adding 2-3 cocktails per day to the diet can make a big difference in meeting your needs. The point is to treat the protein powder in this way, instead of thinking it will work like magic. Protein from a quality whole food should be in priority, along with the cervix, used to supplement ordinary food bodybuilding websites.

Creatine monohydrate

creatineWhen monohydrate of creatine first appeared, it was called Phosphagen and you needed to mix it with grape or apple juice. He mixed poorly and had a bad taste. It worked. He improved his strength and dramatically increased the fullness of his muscles. But, when one of the creators of Phosphagen showed the industry additives its new product (NO2), it was about ten years ago, he tried to force large companies to sell creatine – no one wanted it. There was no calories in it, there was no protein in it, how could that be good? The company did not understand this and, therefore, missed their chance.

So what is creatine?

It’s not a steroid, contrary to Congress. It is found in natural foods such as meat and is part of the energy system of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the energy system of cells that fuel your muscles. In the form of an additive, it provides a more concentrated amount than you could get from food. Of course, creatine is known because of such advantages as increased growth, strength and muscle endurance. It also nourishes the muscle cells with water and creates a fullness of muscles scientifically proven muscle building supplements. He does this by drawing water into muscle cells, so be sure to drink plenty of water while taking this product.

From the first days, creatine saw a lot of “new and improved” versions, they all primarily increased absorption and solved any side effects, such as cramps or bloating. But in fact, these new versions are just ways to find new marketing tricks to increase sales. The initial monohydrate of creatine still works best and has the largest scientific base.

Amino acids with branched chain

BCAABranched chain amino acids (BCAA) have a unique branched structure – that’s where the name comes from. These are 3 essential amino acids: L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. These 3 amino acids are the main components of the protein and account for more than 30% of the skeletal muscle tissue. When you consume protein (regardless of the source) bodybuilding websites, it is split in the liver into amino acids. From there, the liver delivers amino acids to the muscles for recovery and growth, as well as many other bodily functions. However, BCAA bypasses the liver and goes straight to your muscles, where they will be used for energy in the absence of glycogen, building a new muscle and increasing recovery after training. Always in most product lines of companies, additives are written that BCAA really came into their own when the role of leucine and its influence on protein synthesis was first recognized. Imagine if there was a BCAA, which actually played an important role in muscle growth! BCAA began to include during training.

If you understand that the training process is catabolic, and if you recognize the critical importance of recovery, you will get a good start! You can use BCAA, some creatine and some simple carbohydrates. You can use it as part of an intra-training drink. Of course, if you use after the workout (if you do not, you should) and your BCAA powder is tasteless, add it a little! Some guys like to mix a large bottle of water and drink it for several hours. It’s good, but do not let it get in the way of your full meal and cocktails.


This is an addition that everyone should use, but, as a rule, it is ignored. Cause? Because they are not flashy enough. In the end, what does multivitamins do? This will not add tons of muscle in two weeks, right?

If your basic health suffers, or you need key nutrients that can affect things like recovery, muscle contraction, protein metabolism, your results will not rejoice. If you want optimal results, then you should have optimal health. That’s why – to assume that you can get every nutrient that you need, at least a minimum amount every day, at best, extremely risky. To be precise, you literally have to track every nutrient in everything that you ate during the day, every day, and then – and only then – you can be sure that you consume a minimum amount. A lot of daily tracking, is not it? Adopt a multivitamin of good quality – it should not be mega-dosed – and you no longer have to worry about it.

Pre-Workout Supplements

This is not a necessary supplement for growth, but can help with focus and intensity in the gym on those hard days. They are designed to give you energy, and they work well with any number of stimulants based on a combination of ingredients. Some also contain creatine and are designed to progress in pumping muscles, and also provide mentally best muscle building supplements. In addition, they struggle with fatigue and allow you to train harder, longer. In these cases, they can make a big difference in your desire to practice scientifically proven muscle building best supplements for muscle growth, and also in the energy and endurance that are necessary for training.

It is better to use them only in limited quantities – not every workout. Only if your energy levels are low or if you train early in the morning, and they really matter to your energy and intensity scientifically proven muscle building supplements. There are limited free versions, but in fact, take the full ones to get the energy and intensity. Also, there are products that increase muscle volume. And if you need to get large bulk banks, you do not need them to build a muscle. Use consistently, if you do not have a problem with the limited, full version can greatly affect the intensity and quality of your workouts.

When it’s up to you to choose something in this very crowded market, choose what provides energy without real health problems, along with focus, endurance, strength and great muscle pumping. You have to wade through the sea of ​​products to find the best of them and yes, you may have to use the site with reviews of add-ons or go to a site with a good reputation and check reviews and use this as a starting point in finding the best options.

Additives for growth

  1. Protein powder should be taken 1-3 times a day between meals, when access to food is difficult or even impossible. One serving should be after training.
  2. BCAA – take them for pre-training and as part of the exercise, which includes creatine and a fast source of carbohydrates (eg, maltodextrin or dextrose, or both). You can also take a large bottle of water and drink it throughout the day, or just drink about 4-5 hours after training, which can be a more reasonable option in terms of your overall meal plan. On weekends, take your servings every 6 hours.
  3. Creatine – add it to your pre-exercise rations and take it as a part between exercises. On weekends, take it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Multivitamins – every day with breakfast.
  5. Hook your pre-workout meals for the intended purpose, only when you are training.

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