Discover effective shoulder muscle training for best intermediate workout routine to turn lagging shoulders into powerful muscle deltoids.

Anatomy of the muscles of the shoulders. What, why and why?

To be honest, I delayed writing such notes until the last time, and all because they give up the theory very much and practice little in them, and such publications are seldom liked by readers, because they are given bread and circuses :). However, on the other hand, no self-respecting project simply can not exist without such a theoretical division, for this is its foundation, the backbone on which it must stand. Therefore shoulder superset workout, I will try to cover the anatomical questions as painlessly and boringly as possible, and I’m sure this cycle will be your favorite on the project.

shoulder superset workoutWhy are such articles important? Well, firstly, they allow the athlete to meaningfully approach the exercises with a full understanding of the essence of all the processes taking place. This excludes the possibility of thoughtless pulling of the glands. Secondly, it is always useful to keep the correct movement mechanics in your head and scroll it in the course of the exercise. Well, in the third place, it is also worth a lot to flaunt the mind in front of colleagues in the hall. Actually, stop pouring water, get down to the point.

Shoulders (deltas) – the most mobile joint of the human body, which has the widest and most diverse range of motion, best intermediate bodybuilding routine. The shoulder joint is the most unstable articular joint, and therefore it is easy to knock out and damage. It is more correct to talk about the shoulder in the context of not just one joint, but a complex complex of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons called the shoulder girdle. The main function of the latter is to provide strength and amplitude of movement to the hands.

The humeral girdle consists of three bones:

  • scapula;
  • clavicle (clavicle);
  • humerus (humerus).

The deltoid muscle is attached by the tendons to the skeleton with the help of the three above-mentioned bones shoulder muscles training, and its contraction leads to a wide range of arm movement.

In the section of the humeral joint (delta) consists of layers:

  • bone is the deepest layer;
  • nerves and blood vessels;
  • tendons, ligaments and muscles;
  • skin covering.

Nerves carry (in one direction) signals from the brain to the muscles to move the shoulder and (in the opposite direction) carry signals from the muscles to the brain about the pain exerted on them by pressure and so on.

The shoulder itself is a ball joint, the ball of which is the head of the humerus. Above the “ball” is the acromion (the upper part of the shoulder). Next to them is the acromioclavicular joint.

There are three joints of the shoulder girdle:

  • Shoulder joint (GH) – connects the humerus (arm) with the chest (chest). The most important and shaping of the joints.
  • acromioclavicular (AC);
  • sternocleid (SC).

The roundness that we see on our shoulder (or not yet see :)) consists of 3 separate muscles / heads:

  • anterior (anterior delt);
  • mean (medial delt);
  • posterior (posterior delt).

The training program for the shoulders

It is better to work out the muscles of the shoulders for the second half of the training best intermediate bodybuilding routine – the basic exercises of the first part of the training will prepare the shoulder joint to the load. The very training of deltas should consist of vertical presses and 2-3 isolating exercises (for example, chin thrusts and dilutions).

Vertical presses of dumbbells or barbells are performed in 3-4 sets of 5-12 repetitions with mandatory pre-warm-up. Each isolating exercise is performed in 2-3 sets and 10-15 repetitions with an average working weight. Shoulder training is allowed no more than 2 times a week.

The development of the back muscles is the main problem for beginners. All about how to learn how to properly pull up and begin to involve your back in work.

Vertical shoulder straps

shoulder muscles trainingThere are many variations of the vertical press for the development of the musculature of the shoulders, performed with the barbell, dumbbells or even on the blocks best intermediate bodybuilding routine. Exercise can be performed as standing, so sitting on a bench or even sitting on the fitball (which will help to engage the muscles-stabilizers of the hull).

Exercises for the shoulders: dumbbell presses standing

Dumbbell presses standing. The absence of the rod bar allows you to lower the dumbbells along the center line of the body without touching your head, strenuously acting on the average bundles of deltas. Not to mention that due to the complication of the trajectory of movement, more muscle fibers are included in the work.

Exercises for the shoulders: a press of dumbbells in parallel sitting

Press the dumbbells in parallel while sitting. This exercise is recommended either for beginners, or for those who previously had a shoulder joint injury best intermediate bodybuilding routine. Performed in a manner similar to the usual press of dumbbells, however the palms are looking inward while they are moving. Working weight – medium.

Exercises for the shoulders: rod pull to the chin

This exercise accurately develops the trapezius and deltoid muscles, causing the shoulders to increase in size. The wider the grip of the bar, the more loads from the trapezium to the deltas – experiment and choose the grip that suits you best.

The variation of the exercise is the alternate lifting of dumbbells to the chin. Take dumbbells in both hands, but pull only one to the chin. The second dumbbell should act as a balance and counterbalance for a better distribution of the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Makhi and dumbbell production in the sides

Exercises for the shoulders: dumbbell cultivation in the sides

The main secret of the technique of breeding dumbbells in the sides is that the thumb should look down. The body during the exercise is slightly tilted forward, the shoulders are lowered as low as possible – imagine, as if trapezius muscles are pressed to the back.

At the same time, remember that breeding and dumbbells are suitable only for athletes with advanced levels of training. To beginners, such exercises do more harm than good – increasing the weight of the shoulders such exercises will not help, but will only create a risk of injury.

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