This article does not in any way encourage anyone to use steroids. All the information provided is necessary only for current athletes, not schoolchildrens that want to build beach body.

The theory “sulked – was blown away”, it seems, finally ordered to live long. In the sense that the abolition of androgens and anabolic steroids not only does not lead to a dramatic drop in results, but allows athletes to maintain their advantage for many years after excluding “anabolic steroids” from the pharmacological arsenal. In any case, this is clearly shown by the results of a recent study.

Testosterone Cypionate 200mg Results: The Study by Dr. Anders Eriksson

testosterone cypionate 200mg ml resultsThe study, authored by Dr. Anders Eriksson, is called: “Canceling testosterone cypionate 200mg results for strength athletes: what impact does it have on skeletal muscle?” By using this name alone, you can understand the essence of the experiment: the strength indicators of those athletes who never in their lives were compared they did not resort to doping, and those who stopped using testosterone cypionate 200mg results at least two years ago (that is, by the beginning of the experiment they were absolutely “clean”). Athletes with the same length of training or the same level of training were compared. At the same time, the former “chemists” either by the beginning of the experiment had already significantly reduced the intensity of the training, or switched to the training “for themselves”, that is, they actually stopped their competitive career, or abandoned the training altogether. A group of athletes was selected as the control group, who are currently intensively trained using AAS.

“As for the muscles themselves, the number and cross section of muscle fibers, the number of androgen receptors and satellite cells in two muscles: trapezium and quadriceps were analyzed.”

The main conclusion of the experiment was: “At that time, as traces of the use of illicit drugs in athletes who in the past resorted to the use of testosterone cypionate 200mg results, could not be found, changes in the traces of the muscles and quadriceps, including influenced by AAS, they still provided a significant advantage to such powerlifters. ”

Thus, it was found that, after a certain time after the termination of active training, the cross section of muscle fibers and the number of nuclei in the muscle fibers of quadriceps in ex- “chemists” practically did not differ from the actively training “natural” athletes. Moreover, with regard to trapezes, here the “retired chemists” went flush with the control group (I remind you that it gathered actively trained “pharmacological” athletes). Well, the number of muscle fibers in the “chemists” has always been higher compared with the “naturals”.

Detraining: here the researchers were in for a real shock. This indicator is estimated by muscle volume and satellite cell activation. As a matter of fact, the indicators for the “naturals” were already compared, which interrupted the training for 3 months (90 days) and the former “chemists”, for whom the period of abstaining from training was much longer. So, the “naturals”, who interrupted the training for only 3 miserable months, had FULL (!) Detraining. At the same time, the former “chemists”, even after two years, ABSOLUTELY rejected the training, retained a certain level of fitness.

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In fact, there is neither added nor subtracted. There are two main conclusions for us:

1) Actively practicing athletes who have resorted to using AAS in the past, but by the time the doping control procedure is completely “clean,” will definitely have an advantage over those who have never taken anything forbidden;

2) In any case, “Chemists” will find it much easier to return to training after a break, even if it is sufficiently long. During forced downtime – regardless of its cause – it is better to keep yourself in small doses of AAS.

The Effectiveness of Testosterone Cypionate of Cycle

testosterone cypionate 200mg/ml per week resultsBefore stabbing testosterone cypionate, you should familiarize yourself with the list of actions of the hormone on the body. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is unique to men. In this regard, cypionate can dramatically affect the overall structure of the body, the activity of sexual nature and changes in the emotional background.

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Despite all this, testosterone cypionate 200mg results on the athlete’s body:

  • the maximum possible increase in muscle mass. While taking the drug, the cells are hydrated, which leads to a significant water content in the muscles, which gives the effect of volume. Due to this, the relief of the muscles becomes more delineated, but at the same time a rollback is acquired at the end of the cycle of the drug, since the fluid in the accumulated muscles can be up to one third of the total mass;
  • a significant increase in athletic performance, including strength;
  • additional production of red blood cells. Due to this quality, the additional mass of oxygen in the blood allows the muscles to work in an enhanced mode, which directly affects the athlete’s endurance;
  • an increase in sexual behavior and maximum spermatogenesis;
  • under the influence of the drug, the protein produced predominates over that which disintegrates, which leads to a positive nitrogen balance;
  • ensuring the exchange of phosphorus.

In addition, the steroid profile of testosterone cypionate does not destroy the liver and has a 100% effect of anabolic steroids and androgens on the body.

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