Discover the most effective advanced shoulder workout for  Bodybuilders to take your body to the next level.

What you should know about training deltoid muscles …

  • The main problem of many visitors to gyms is the presence of a good front delta, a good middle delta and a weak back beam of the deltoid muscle.
  • Know that you have a disproportionate development, if when you stand relaxed, the front side of the palms facing back more.
  • When lifting your arms forward, lift the weight by 110˚ instead of 90˚, where most people usually stop.
  • Maximize the work of the rear deltas, keeping the shoulders withdrawn on the sides at an angle of 30-45˚.
  • Most weightlifters perform side upsides incorrectly. The wrist, elbow and shoulder should be at the same level at the top point, and the sharp side of the elbow should be pointed straight back.
  • People who have hypertrophied upper trapezius muscles, tighten dumbbells at lateral ascents. To avoid this, think about pushing the dumbbells away from yourself.

3D Deltas advanced shoulder workout

The key to the development of deltas having a three-dimensional appearance is the proportional development of all three beams of deltoid muscles. This will allow your shoulders to look full, when viewed from the front, side or back.

Cosmetically, the most common pattern of improper development of deltas is the well-developed anterior deltas, medium-developed middle deltas and seriously lagging rear deltoid.

This is usually manifested by a significant turn of the shoulders inward. In other words, your front side of the palms are more strongly turned back when you are relaxed advanced shoulder workout.

This is possible if:

  • you like bench bench press and chest workouts in general
  • you tend to give more exercise to the muscles that you see in the mirror

Another option is training the shoulders without loading the front deltas, giving priority to the development of the middle delta until it becomes thick, and the front delta remains underdeveloped, especially when viewed from the side.

Rate your selfies

Selfie photo of the shoulders Before starting the training of the shoulders, it is necessary to find out which of the bundles of the deltoid lags behind in development advanced shoulder workout. To prioritize.

Make your picture with your hands on the sides and hands facing the body. Take additional pictures at the front, back and sides. So you can assess yourself to see yourself from all sides, and then after a while compare the results of training. When seen from the front, shoulders should have a rounded appearance.

If your shoulders have a narrow bone structure and / or you have a broad hip structure, then the beautifully rounded deltas are what you need. You should swing the deltas, paying particular attention to the average bundles of deltoid with the help of lateral ascents.

On the other hand, if you look from the side, the front part of the shoulders is not convex enough, then you need to concentrate on the front delta. Use for the training of the front deltoid muscles different options for lifting dumbbells and the bar in front.

If you need to pump the rear deltas, use the dumbbell pull in the slope for training the back of the shoulders.

Keep in mind, when assessing your rear delta advanced shoulder workout, it is usually a short muscle with a different appearance from the front delta. So do not expect them to look the same as the front deltas. To assess how well the rear delta is pumped, use a double biceps posture from behind.

We build a training plan for deltoid muscles

Let’s remember some of the basics in training your shoulders, before you dive into their specifics. I can assume that you are training your shoulders every 5-7 days.

You can train your shoulders in conjunction with other muscle groups. But if your shoulders are lagging behind in development, then do not swing them after the pectoral muscles. It is better to train these groups on different days with a break of 2-3 days. So you will have more strength and energy to train your shoulders. This will allow you to raise more weight with the right technique.

The rear delta is a pulling muscle, so on the “shoulder day” it makes sense to train the deltoid along with the back. Because the posterior delta functions like the back muscles, they help pull your hands down and / or back.

So, when you perform shoulder-pulling (pull-up) advanced shoulder workout, shoulder stretching (dumbbell pull), tilting in the slope (rod pull with the usual grip), your rear deltas are seriously involved, whether you like it or not.

Exercises on the shoulders, sets and repetitions

1. Rear deltas

Pushing dumbbells to the rear deltas

best shoulder exercises bodybuildingTo pump the posterior deltoid muscle, 3-4 work approaches (without taking into account warm-up) should suffice in an isolating exercise.

It may seem that one exercise is small, but remember that one of the functions of the rear deltas is the external rotation of the humerus. So, if you perform several exercises with advanced bodybuilding workout external rotation of the shoulders every week (as it should be) during back exercises, then several sets of one exercise are likely to be enough.

However, if your rear deltas seriously lag behind in development advanced shoulder workout, then do two exercises that isolate the rear deltas. Perform three sets of each exercise. Here are three effective exercises to choose from:

  1. Wiring to the rear deltas in the stand block.
  2. Swings or pulling dumbbells in the slope to the rear deltas with an emphasis head in an inclined bench.
  3. Thrust of dumbbells in tilt with rotation.

Note that this is not a triceps exercise. This is a movement in which you do not bend your elbows, and pull your hands back, using only the rear deltas.

advanced shoulder workout for massBeware of lifting the shoulder blade to insulate the rear delta, shoulders should always be lowered down. Keep in mind that the function of the posterior delta is simply to move the humerus back, without taking the shoulder blades together.

No matter what exercises for the rear deltas you perform, there are several biomechanical principles that should be considered. For beginners, in order to optimize the work of the rear deltas, train them with the optimal traction line, which is formed when the shoulders are pulled (on the sides) by 35-40˚.

It is also necessary to raise your hands with dumbbells on one line with your shoulders, pointing your little fingers up. This aligns the rear delta, so that it performs the maximum possible work.

When the rear delta is isolated, the problem for most people is the actual delta isolation for qualitative muscle contraction. For this reason, more often perform exercises with light weight with a repetition rate of 10-15. Exercise with a heavy weight with a small number of repetitions is more effective, but wait until the neuromuscular connection of the rear deltas improves before moving on to the larger scales.

2. Front deltas

To train the front of the deltoid muscle advanced shoulder workout, a barbell bench press is usually used. This is a good exercise for training your shoulders. This is the basic exercise on the shoulders.

Press on the front deltas can be done with a barbell and with dumbbells. It is necessary to change the exercises to include in the work stabilizers of the shoulder muscles, so that the shoulders were healthy

advanced bodybuilding workoutIn addition, a press for the front deltas, like squats for quadriceps. On the other hand, lifts forward isolate the front deltas, just as straightening the leg isolates the quadriceps.

If the front deltas are your strength, then focus on the bench up best shoulder exercises bodybuilding, with periodic upsides in front of you as a complement. This in combination with the bench press, everything that is necessary for training deltas.

On the other hand, if you need to increase your front deltas, then it is best to perform one exercise lifting dumbbells or barbells forward in addition to the bar press above your head advanced shoulder workout.

The two best exercises for the press up – the basic bar press up (sitting or standing) and the basic dumbbell bench press, performed sitting or standing. Although many sets / repeat press circuits work, it’s better to stop at 4 * 6-10, although 5 * 5 and 3 * 8-12 are also a good option, which should be done correctly.

When it comes to isolating the front deltas from the rear, the option of lifting dumbbells forward is simply excellent, but the barbell lifts are more effective.

Regardless of which climb option you choose, make sure that the bar is at an angle of 110˚, approximately at the level of the top of your forehead. This is the peak in which the front deltas are reduced advanced shoulder exercises, and not at 90˚, where most people stop.

When doing forward climbing options, it is preferable to choose a range of repetitions of 3 * 10-12 advanced shoulder workout for mass, sometimes take more weight and do 6-8 repetitions, sometimes smaller and make 12-15, advanced shoulder workout for mass

3. Average deltas

advanced shoulder exercisesIf you want to have shoulders like bodybuilders, you should always include options for lifting through the sides to emphasize the average deltas, the most fundamental of which is the dumbbell through the sides.

Despite the fact that most people perform dumbbells through parties, many do it wrong.

For optimal tension of medium beams of deltoid muscles, the palms should be turned down at the top point. Or, if you really want to load them well, tilt the protruding part of the dumbbells down a few degrees, so that the inside of the arm slightly turns up.

Also wrists, elbows and shoulders at the top point should be on the same level. In addition, the sharp part of your elbow should be directed strictly back, not to the floor.

At the top of the movement, most people tend to tilt the projecting side of the dumbbells too high, which causes their wrists to be higher than the elbows. This is because the model of this movement allows you to more dominate the front delta, to help you more than you want.

People with very strong upper trapezius muscles are also inclined to press dumbbells at the angle of the finish position close to 90 °. To avoid this, think about pushing the dumbbells away from yourself.


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