Discover the 2 best times to take creatine on non workout days to increase your strength instantly. More secrets of time for bodybuilders to gain size, strength

What regimens for supplementation exist. When it is best to use it and in what dosage. With what you can mix creatine.

creatine on non workout daysThe use of creatine in bodybuilding is beyond doubt. It is a reliable assistant in recruiting muscle mass, increasing endurance, increasing strength, strengthening immunity. The additive is produced in various forms – capsules, powder or tablets. The most convenient of them are two forms – tablets and capsules. If we proceed from the position of digestibility, then it is better, of course, to take the powder.

Rules of Use

As a rule, most athletes do not know whether to take creatine before or after training creatine on non workout days, what dosage should be, whether to consume creatine at night and so on. In general, there are many more questions than answers. But we will fix it. So, let’s look at the basic nuances, swinging creatine and its reception:

What are the schemes? Here, many “fall asleep”, because there are two main approaches:

  • in the first case, creatine is taken taking into account the so-called loading phase, that is, saturation of the body. This is done as follows. In the first week it is necessary to take on a daily basis five grams of an additive four times a day. The total daily intake is 20 grams. The time of reception is between meals. If it is a question of days with training, then one portion should be taken immediately after leaving the room. Further – less. Starting from 6-7 days, reduce the dose to 2 grams. The frequency of reception should be 1 time per day. When to take? – In the morning (if it’s a day of rest) or after classes (if there is a training session). The duration of the course should not exceed one month, after which a break in several weeks is necessary (as a rule, 3-4 are enough);
  • in the second case, no download is expected. It is believed that this option is better and safer for the body. Dosage is 5-6 grams daily. In the days of exercise, creatine must enter the stomach immediately after leaving the gym, and on rest days – before meals. Optimum time of reception – 60 days. After this, it is worth giving the body a small rest – three, or better – four weeks.

And in the first and second scheme it is allowed to take creatine absorption along with other sports nutrition, for example, amino acids, protein or carbohydrate-protein mixture (geynerom).

When to take? What is the best time to take creatine?

best time to use creatineAnother important issue that many athletes can not decide is the optimal time for taking the supplement best time to use creatine. In the network, there are opinions that it is better to use the supplement before classes in the gym. But this is not so. Studies have shown that this approach is the least effective. There are several reasons for this:

  • disturbed water exchange, which can lead to significant dehydration of the body. To admit this is absolutely not desirable;
  • before training, the body is set up in such a way that the delivery of useful substances to muscle cells is inhibited. As a consequence, the intake of creatine may not bring the expected effect;
  • the body expects the intake of slow carbohydrates before training. Rapid carbohydrates are quickly absorbed and can contribute to the increase in the fatty layer. Naturally, there is no need for this;
  • muscle fibers do not need creatine during exercise. They need it already after completion, when there is a clear deficit of energy.

By the way, it’s also useless to use an additive during classes, because this can only complicate the work and slow down the growth of muscle fibers.

Now we can answer the question, when to drink creatine on non workout days. The answer is – only after going to the gym. Moreover, it is desirable to do this within 40-60 minutes. As a rule, this time is most favorable for the assimilation by the body of all the useful components of the complex – amino acids, carbohydrates, protein and others.
As for days of rest, then these days you can take the supplement at any time (also at night). By the way, during the loading period the last portion is just recommended to drink before going to bed. It is believed that taking such a useful component at night, allows you to better assimilate the supplement and prepare the body for a training day.

With what to take?

So, with the questions “when?” And “how?” We figured out, and now you can consider the subtleties of combining. Here everything is simple. To improve the absorption of the supplement and speed up the secretion of insulin, it is advisable to drink creatine on non workout days together:

  • with fast carbohydrates (you can drink the additive with sweet juice or water with sugar);
  • with fast protein (helps improve digestion);
  • with amino acids.

That’s all. Now you do not just own information about the benefits of creatine on non workout days, but also know how and when to take it. It remains only to apply their knowledge in practice. Good luck

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