Bodybuilding Tips: A Compendium of Capital Truths

Usually, if a person does not know something, then he either (by his own forces) fills a gap in knowledge, or asks for help from more experienced associates. We will try to “hook” both sides of the coin, i.e. we will receive advice on bodybuilding from the great bodybuilder 101, well, we systematize our existing knowledge.

So, let’s start with the second, i.e. we will register all our accumulated information baggage at specific points.

bodybuilding tips

Tip # 1. Do not pursue a ghostly purpose.

Very often, after reading various “motivations” and having seen enough of “lacrimal” films about professional bodybuilder 101, a person is enthusiastic to achieve such muscle volumes, and as a result – fame, popularity and so on. However, after some time, he understands that his results are very modest, and he does not hold out until Schwarzenegger tips for bodybuilding. Here the whole point is that professional bodybuilder 101 are literally thoroughly “saturated” with various steroids and chemistry. Therefore, you should not build illusions and chase after inhuman volumes, you can pump up muscles, but only within reasonable natural sizes.

Conclusion: set local goals (increase the volume of the biceps to … and mp) and fix your result bodybuilder 101.

Tip # 2. Work with free weights.

In the first 1-1,5 years, forget about isolating exercises and various block-lever simulators. Your arsenal of exercises should mainly consist of basic exercises with free weight. In addition, work with dumbbells, pancakes and equipment, which uses the weight of their own body (push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, triceps between two stores and TP).

Tip # 3. A variety of training.

Do not cut the same program for more than six months. Try to change the type of exercises, the intensity of training, the angles of impact on the muscles every 3-4 months. Do not get hung up on just one training program. Act on the principle: I made the program – run-in – evaluated / fixed the result – made the appropriate adjustments.

Tip # 4. Progression of loads.

The more the weight of the projectile lifts your muscles, the more they are. However, do not forget about the amount of muscle work (that is, the total tonnage lifted for training). Therefore bodybuilder 101, increase the weight of the projectile only when you feel that this will not affect the total weight lifted for training.

Tip # 5. Principle of priority.

If you have a serious imbalance in the proportions of the muscles, then first of all you need to pay attention to the lagging muscle group. Begin training with the pumping of the problem group and only then go to the main program. Most often require close attention the following muscles: a back bundle of deltas, calves and forearm.

Tip # 6. Diet.

Surely, after you started going to the gym and doing bodybuilding or fitness, you saw the results of your transformation in the mirror. To enhance this effect, adjust your diet, instead of 3 times (or when it happens), tips for bodybuilding take for the rule there are 4-5 times, every 3 hours. Keep caloric content: for men 3000-3500 kcal, for women – 2000-2500 kcal. Keep a diary of a hamster 🙂 with records that you need to “crack” during the day. Remember bodybuilder 101: the main building block of muscles is protein, pay close attention to its quantity and quality.

Tip # 7. Periodicity of classes and rest.

You should not “hunt” in the hall 7 days a week for 3-4 hours. It is quite enough (at the initial stage) 3 workouts a week (every other day) for 50-70 minutes. Remember, muscles do not grow during work in the gym, but after physical activity. Keep track of the amount of time you are in the kingdom of Morpheus, it should be at least 7 hours.

Tip # 8. Mental concentration.

It would seem, and here it is. The whole point is that a person is a homosapiens, i.e. a creature who thinks, at times too much thinking and thinking. Our brain itself completes images, images and sends certain nerve impulses throughout the body, including muscles. Therefore, if a person initially laid the program in himself, that he would squeeze 100 kg by 1 time, he would do so. If he saw that before him a person did not take this weight, then most likely it will be affected by the same fate.

Conclusion: always concentrate in front of the approach and put in yourself positive attitudes. Use the method of creative visualization, i.e. scroll the mentally positive (desired by you) result and project it onto reality.

These bodybuilding tips will help you to pump the right muscle volumes, in addition, they will “remove from the tongue” the most frequently asked questions. In turn, to become the next Mr. Olympia, you need something more vigorous than advice for mere mortals :), so we meet invaluable recommendations from bodybuilders of all time bodybuilder 101.

Practical advice for beginning bodybuilders from world stars

It’s no secret that any person (and especially if it’s a beginner athlete) likes to advise more than anything in the world: how to do the exercise correctly, how many accomplish the approaches and repetitions and so on. Such uninvited counselors in the halls are just a pond-pond.

It seems that only the third month will pass, but they are already climbing into the “alien monastery with its charter.” I am in no way condemning this behavior, just stating the facts. All this arises from a reason, and from a burning desire to help a fellow member of the glandens, to guide the way true, so that he does not commit banal mistakes and does not step on the same rake. In addition, the leadership (instruction) is a tribal feature of almost all members of the stronger sex, and this can not be avoided. Therefore, if you stumble upon such an adviser (or are already so yourself – calm down, this is not your jamb :)), just listen quietly and let the person speak out, because he does it on the basis of the most good motives bodybuilding tip.

Actually, we are more interested in the tips that have been accumulating for years in bodybuilder 101 of different eras, and they have decided to share with my readers with great pleasure. Here is this invaluable experience – it is he who will lift you to the top of Olympus to the title of Mr. Olympia.

BODYBUILDING 101: 5 Rules for Building Muscle

Bodybuilding tip from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

  1. “The race for a large mass begins with a great strength training”;
  2. “Strengthen your body with strength training”;
  3. “Wait with bodybuilding, powerlifting – that’s what will help you to create a strong muscular foundation”;
  4. “Squats, bench press and deadlift are an alpha and omega of strength training.”

Conclusion: most beginners lack the power to work in the most effective (mass-set) number of repetitions 8-12. Self-esteem pushes them to raise working weights to the detriment of the number of repetitions, as a result of which their number rolls down to the level of 6-8. The work in this mode does not really raise either mass or strength.


The best recipe for a natural protein cocktail with your own hands:

  • 200 ml of milk, 4 chicken eggs, 100 ml of curdled milk, honey;
  • 2 cups of orange juice, 3 egg yolks, 80 ml of curdled milk, honey;
  • half a liter of milk, 1/2 cup of protein, 1 banana, vanilla ice cream briquet, yogurt.
No. 3

While performing the bench press, try not to straighten your hands at the top point. At full amplitude, triceps and shoulders are included in the work, so the load leaves the target muscle – the pectorals.

Lee Priest

Hands best grow from basic exercises, so if you want to achieve their impressive volumes, then perform: for the biceps – lifting the bar to the bicep standing, for triceps – the French bench press. Train these two muscle groups in one workout.

Tom Platz

Do all movements in the exercises slowly and under control. Negative repetitions – that’s what big feet grow from. Squats with a barbell on the shoulders is the best exercise for working the hips.

Ronnie Coleman

Lifting the projectile’s weight (positive phase) should be “explosive”. Squeeze the projectile, as if you are a spring, on the platoon. The best exercises for the complex development of the back muscles are: pull rod / dumbbell in the slope, pull-up, pull T-neck, deadlift.

Dexter Jackson

To feel your shoulders well, perform a dumbbell exercise, sitting on an incline bench. My favorite exercise on press – twisting on fitball for 20-25 repetitions.

Günter Schlierkamp

The most lagging zone of the pectoral muscles of most bodybuilder 101 is its upper region. Therefore, it is best to begin training with the inclined rod presses. It is hard presses – the basis in building a massive chest. In addition to the classic performance of the bench press, use the Smith simulator, alternating it with a barbell / dumbbell. Find exactly the exercise (and the projectile), which will effectively build muscle volumes of the nursing.

Fuad Abiad

“Pyramid” (training principle) with a foot press – this exercise is able to “blow up” your legs. With each approach, gradually increase the working weight, and so to failure. It’s also a great way to overcome stagnation in the growth of this muscle group, however, do not abuse this exercise and perform it more often 2-3 times per month.

Nick Nilsson

You can plan your training correctly, knowing the predominant type of muscle fibers. For this it is necessary to conduct the following test (from 2 steps):

Perform an isolating exercise (bending the arms with a rod on Scott’s bench) and find your repeated maximum;
Set the weight on the shell equal to 80% (for example, bench press) from your one-time maximum, execute and count the number of “clean” repetitions (without help and violation of technique).


Today in the article “advice on bidibilding” I tried to unite and answer all the pressing questions of beginners in terms of organizing the process of training, diet and so on. Of course, there are still many questions left unilluminated, and we will raise them more than once in the future, but this is a completely different story.

Thank you for investing this time in yourself, well done, keep it up!

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