An Honest Vince del Monte reviews No Nonsense Muscle Building Program for Skinny Hardgainers to pack on muscle mass. Find the truth about NNMB Program.

vince delmonte reviewHere is an article by Vince Del Monte reviews – American fitness trainer and bodybuilding expert. In it you will learn how to get rid of excess fat, which hides your muscles and prevents you from getting a relief body. Follow his recommendations to present your body in the most favorable light during the competition!

Many men often ask me how they should train to get an impressive relief before the competitions in the categories “Bodybuilding” and “Men’s Physique“. Most of them are those athletes who are going to participate in such competitions for the first time. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question, since the body of each person is individual. The time frame required to achieve this goal can vary depending on how your body reacts to certain lifestyle changes Vince Del Monte reviews. I just can give you some recommendations that you can use to identify the method that is effective for you.

The fact is that the process of achieving relief muscles is both a science and an art. The science is to know how, when and why your body burns fat, what factors cause a jump in the level of insulin and cortisol in your body, as well as water retention. The art is manifested in figuring out how your body reacts to changes in your training plan. Perhaps you will need to participate even in several competitions, in order to choose the most optimal method of getting rid of excess fat.

There are three main factors that you need to concentrate on, so that your body gets impressive reliefs before the competition. These include: the amount of calories consumed, carbohydrates and water. Note that I did not say anything about the fact that you should increase the amount and intensity of your strength training on the eve of the competition. And this is not accidental. After all, the main goal of strength training during the “drying” is to keep the muscle mass that you already have. You are trying to reduce the percentage of fat in your body, so the energy that you will receive with food, not enough to build additional muscle tissue. Thus, the relief will be achieved by emphasizing the contours of the muscles that you already have.

Determine your starting point

I have already said more than once that you should always set goals Vince Del Monte reviews, not abstract ones, but measurable ones. After all, the goal without deadlines is just a dream that is unlikely to become a reality. So, the deadline for achieving your goal is the date of the competitions in which you are participating. Now you need to set a goal. First of all, you need to find out what is the percentage of fat in your body at the moment (starting point), and then choose the target value vince del monte transformation.

At the same time, you should expect to lose about 1% of fat per week. For example, if now the percentage of fat in your body is 12%, then you need to start to lose fat about 6 weeks before the event. Better yet, add a few more weeks to this date, in case you suddenly give slack.

no nonsense muscle buildingPrepare for intensive cardio training

Throughout the “drying” period, you will need to perform high-intensity interval training, so that your body goes into calorie deficit mode. Just do not try to create the entire deficit by cardio, since it will be much more difficult for you to burn 3500 calories per week (about 0.45 kg) with cardio training than to reduce the energy value of your diet by the same amount of calories. Ideally, calorie deficit should be due to diet, and due to cardio in a uniform degree. In other words, you must burn an additional 250 calories daily and not receive 250 kcal with food.

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed

A great way to achieve this is to completely abandon carbohydrates in the morning, taking breakfast with a high protein content. I achieved incredible results by regularly eating low-fat meat for breakfast (chicken, beef, turkey) in combination with nuts. After this diet, the percentage of fat in my body was only 4% – my personal best vincedelmonte workout!

Approximately 6 days before the performance, you should further reduce carbohydrates. Their number in your diet should be 0-150 g, depending on the needs of your body and the scheme of your training. Stick to this mode for 2 days, and then return to your normal low-carb diet. And in the last 2 days before the competition it is worth to increase (!) The amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Adjust the amount of water consumed

vince del monte transformationMany guys are also interested in how much water to use to achieve muscle relief. This is another factor that depends on your starting point. I give them a formula based on the amount of water they drink daily.

Approximately 8 days before the competition, I increase the amount of water consumed by 50%. Since I usually drink about 4 liters of water a day, I increase it to 6 liters Vince Del Monte reviews. Due to this, my body adapts to the removal of water from the body. Then, 2 days before the competition, I reduce its number by 50% of the original value. In my case, this means 2 liters, that is 50% of 4 liters, which I usually use. And, finally, one day before the competition, I cut this amount again twice, that is, I drink only 1 liter a day.

This measure will help you to remove excess water from the body, due to which your muscles will get more relief shapes, to which you aspire.

Make adjustments to your plan

As I have already pointed out, you need to constantly try something new in the process of “drying”, depending on the characteristics of your body, its general state and the time frame that you have available. What worked for your friend may not be useful to you muscle growth program. And more importantly: what was effective for you six months ago Vince Del Monte reviews, may not work now.

Remember that your body is constantly changing: both in terms of overall physical fitness, and the speed of metabolism. This means that it can react differently to the same diet and exercise program that were effective for you earlier.

Unfortunately, there is no ideal program that describes in detail how to achieve muscle relief. Most of them contain only general recommendations. Therefore, you will have to experiment to adapt them to the needs

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