Discover the perfect mass building shakes to drink before going to bed or at night, to build muscle while you sleep. Drink the mass building shake such as protein cocktails shake at night.

protein cocktails

Protein cocktails at home

If you are serious enough about the training moment and you want to achieve excellent results, then you should also treat your nutrition responsibly. After all, muscle volumes are the result of painstaking work, a combination of debilitating workouts, the mass building shakes weights, and increased nutrition. Athletes need to absorb as much protein as possible, which means it is necessary to chew something. But then there will be no time for training. That’s why protein cocktails were developed. Manufacturers of sports nutrition have developed a large number of varieties of protein shakes. But no less protein shakes that are prepared at home from products that you can buy in the store are wonderful.

Protein Cocktail Products Mass Building Shakes

muscle building shake before bed

As a basis for protein cocktails, which can be prepared at home, you need to take milk. Cottage cheese, the egg which is the main protein ingredient. Honey, jam a flavor enhancer. Berries, fruits (fresh or frozen) which are carriers of microelements, vitamins, and natural sugars. Banana is a carbohydrate carrier. It is the banana that will give the cocktail a caloric value. Banana can be replaced with food starch.

Protein cocktails for muscle mass

The main task of protein shakes is to keep a high level of proteins in the human body muscle-building shake before bed. Mass building shakes are necessary for a stable set of muscle mass. Mostly cocktails turinabol for sale are taken for 40 minutes before a grueling workout and then after 30 minutes. But it is worth remembering:

  • the volume of the drink should not be more than 300 ml.;
  • the temperature of the cocktail should be 36-37 degrees.

Cocktails can also be taken in the morning and before bedtime. Of course, it is more expedient to give preference to natural protein cocktails, which you can prepare yourself.

Preparation of protein shakes at home, this requires:

  • To mix 100 g of cottage cheese, 1 tbsp. milk, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons. lies. oat flakes, 1 tbsp. lies. honey. Beat with a blender. The cocktail is ready;
  • mix half a liter of milk, 1 ice cream (100 grams), 2 bananas, vanilla, and cinnamon to taste. Grind with a blender or mix with a mixer;
  • carefully mix 1 egg, 1 tbsp. lies. honey, 1 tbsp. kefir, 1 tbsp. chopped walnuts. Beat with a mixer;
  • to mix 200 gr. cottage cheese, 60 gr. egg powder (dilute with milk), 50 gr. honey, 5 eggs, 1 tablespoon. sour cream, 50 gr. any berries.
  • Beat with a mixer.

Protein Slimming Cocktails

Protein slimming cocktails are taken mostly by women, who are engaged in power training in the gym. The purpose of such training is to reduce body weight. If you need to drink 3 cocktails for mass gain, then only one cocktail is needed to reduce the weight, after training. It is also necessary to limit the use of carbohydrates and monitor the caloric intake of the diet by using 1 test cyp, which must take into account the protein cocktail. Protein cocktails for weight loss are best done at home, this is another step towards natural nutrition.

To prepare a slimming cocktail you need:

  • 1 tbsp. low-fat milk, ½ tsp. cinnamon, ½ tsp. crushed ginger, a little red pepper. Mix everything and blend with a blender. Cocktail to drink at night;
  • 100 ml. low-fat milk, 1 egg, 100 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, 50 gr. berries. Beat with a blender. The cocktail is ready;
  • to beat in a blender 1 banana, 100 gr. low-fat cottage cheese, 1 tbsp. milk.

Protein cocktails made at home by following different recipes of which were offered to you is perhaps the most harmless and useful recipes. They are time-tested. Of course, cooking them takes more time than merely diluting the powder from the can. But if you are for a healthy lifestyle, then do not be lazy, prepare only natural cocktails. For that, they are tasty, useful, and safe.

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