What is the said principle? SAID or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands is one of the basic principles in muscle building and fitness. Use this principle to laser focus the effort of the muscles.

specific adaptation to imposed demandsComing to the hall, beginners increasingly rely on particulars read in social networks what is the said principle, or heard from a coach who is not interested in your progress. This strategy is ineffective and often does not allow to build up a decent muscle mass. And all because for the growth of muscle mass you need to rely not on particular, but on principles that will allow you to later take into account particulars and progress at horsepower.


The technique with which you perform absolutely any exercise is always more important than the weight that you raise, pull or press. The fact is that the wrong technique not only leads to injuries, but also does not allow you to effectively build muscle adaptation principle mass. The load that you want to attach to your muscles is shifted to your joints what is the said principle. You train joints, not muscles. Roughly speaking, the weight that you apply to muscles with the wrong technique is always less than the weight that you apply to your muscles with the right technique. If you constantly cheating, if you do not observe basic safety rules when performing traumatic exercises, you will not see either health or muscle.


Bodybuilding is a system consisting of training, nutrition and recovery. By neglecting one thing, you destroy the entire system. We can not name the main exercise in the gym, as different exercises pump different muscle adaptation principle groups with different efficacy, but we can name the main exercise in the whole bodybuilding. The main exercise in bodybuilding is the ability to comply with the regime.


muscle adaptation principleSome bodybuilders-lovers are advised to forget about isolated exercises, directing all efforts to basic, multi-joint movements. At the same time, some obscurantists claim that the basic exercises are ineffective, calling for one isolation. Well, we will not even discuss the second approach. Marbles, knocking off the path of true beginner bodybuilders, we wish to burn in hell from a spoiled protein, rotten chicken breasts and fake farma. The first approach, when you “block” the isolation, takes place, if you are still quite a young beginner.

However, practice shows that it is best to add one isolated exercise to several basic exercises. For example, to bench press and push-ups on the beams, you should add a French press in any of its forms, otherwise your triceps will not thank you. To pull up and pull rod in the slope is to add lifting barbells or dumbbells to the biceps, otherwise the biceps will be displeased. Also, it is worth adding flies to the rear delta, which is not actually worked out in the basic exercises what is the said principle. You can add wiring for nursing and twisting or raising legs in a press press.

There are exceptions here. The lower part of the body absolutely does not require isolation. Add squashes or pressure to your squats and your legs will grow without any isolation.


Sleep – this is part of the regime, but it should be discussed in more detail, because it is impossible to overestimate the importance of healthy sleep for the bodybuilder said principle of training. If you have a choice: to practice, eat or sleep, always choose the third option. However, since bodybuilding is a regime, sleeping is also better in the regime what is the said principle. Go to bed when it’s dark and wake up at sunrise. On personal feelings, I can say that in winter, an average sleep is required for an hour more. It looks like this: in the summer you fall asleep at 21.00, waking up at 5.00, while in winter you fall asleep at 20.00-21.00, waking up at 6-7 in the morning.


No matter how much you eat, how much you sleep, no matter how much you train in the basic exercises, adding isolation to them, you will not achieve anything if you stumble in one place in your working scales. To grow, you must constantly increase your workload. Only progressing from training to training, you can build muscle. Without this principle, everything we talked about today does not work.


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  • the principles are described very intelligently and in simple language

  • after reading the article, I concluded that the training would bring pleasure and bring effect – you must follow these principles)

  • And it seems to me that one of the key factors is the dream described in the second principle. After all, muscles grow when we relax

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