Want to maximize your youth and improve your longevity? And who does not want! We have already told you what to eat so as not to grow old. And today we will tell you what else you need to do in order to prolong your life!

We all know that bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and junk food do not lead to anything good. It is because of the negligence of our own body and body that we get sick, look bad and age faster. Therefore, the sooner to reconsider the attitude towards your lifestyle and change it for the better, the more likely it is to live to 90 years with excellent well-being.

Remember what good habits you need to develop for longevity!

1. Walking


In the day you need to take at least 4 km in fresh air at a speed of about 100 steps per minute. Walking through the corridors of the office does not count, the lack of oxygen during such walking provokes an excess of harmful D-lactic acid. Make it a habit to get out of the bus or subway a couple of stops earlier after work and walk this distance to the house on foot. By the way, for the figure and digestion, the benefits are also palpable.

2. Charging

Morning Charging
Morning Charging

Doctors recommend doing exercises in the fresh air, but since not everyone has this opportunity, here is a plan for you. You wake up in the morning, open the window wide open (at any temperature) and go to brush your teeth. Come, close the windows and work for 15-20 minutes in a room full of fresh air. If you get out of bed completely unbearable, do at least lazy exercises.

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3. Physical exercises


A lot of what was said by the doctors contradicts one another. For example, to lose weight, you need to train almost to the point of their capabilities. On the other hand, in order to live a long time, you cannot physically overwork. The production of D-lactic acid (crust) is harmful to the body. Therefore, if the figure question is not for you, make sure that during training the pulse does not rise above 140 beats per minute.

4. Nutrition Schedule

Train yourself to eat 4-6 times a day, instead of 2-3. This schedule maintains a stable level of glucose in the body and well-established work of the gastrointestinal tract. If you rarely eat, but a lot, it causes sudden jumps of insulin in the blood, and it destroys blood vessels.

5. Diet

Diet plan components
Diet plan components

Eat simple food: cereals, vegetables, meat. Try to avoid shop sauces, mixes, cakes, convenience foods. Your diet should be 75% composed of plant foods, incl. cereal, and 25% protein (meat, eggs, dairy products). It is not necessary to pay back some expensive fruits and vegetables, pay attention to regular beets and celery. Not only are these products very healthy, but you can also prepare a lot of non-standard and very tasty dishes.

6. Nutrition Features

Eat peptides and pectins. These substances improve the biochemical processes in the body and contribute to the elimination of toxins. The first are rich in seaweed, chicken and dairy products. The second – apples, bananas and persimmon. Every day – two glasses of kefir or yogurt. These drinks reduce self-poisoning by metabolic products, preventing fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract and normalizing the intestinal microflora.

7. Peace of mind

Peace of mind

The most destructive effect on the body have not even alcohol and cigarettes, but stress. When you are often very nervous, the work of the brain is exhausted and the activity of the vegetative nervous system, which regulates the functions of the whole organism, is disrupted. If you feel that you cannot cope with stress, make an appointment with a doctor and start taking a sedative. This will help you not to bring yourself to nervous exhaustion and depression.

8. Sleep

Daytime sleep
Daytime sleep

This is not even about a full-fledged dream (although it is certainly important), but about the time when you go to sleep. For a stable body, you need to sleep no later than 24.00, and preferably earlier. So your body can produce melatonin – a hormone that regulates the brain, immune and other systems, works as an antioxidant and slows down the aging process of cells.

Do you know what is the most important factor in longevity? Happiness and positive attitude to life. After all, you can live up to 100 years, complaining about the fate and the people around you, but there will be no sense from such longevity.

It is necessary to try at every moment of my life to act so that in 95, holding my great-grandchildren on my knees, look back and say: “What a wonderful life I have lived!”. We wish you this wholeheartedly!

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