Discover the power of wrist and forearm Curling exercises to create muscular, stronger forearm rolls. Barbell, Dumbbell, and Reverse wrist.

Flexion of the wrist

This exercise tells us how to pump up the wrist and the inside of the forearm rolls. The exercise is formative. Increases the volume and strength of the inside of the forearm rolls how to make wrist thicker.

Technique of execution

  1. barbell wrist curlTake dumbbells in your hand, and stand in front of the bench on your knees. Place your forearms across the bench so that the palms of your hands look up. Push your wrists to the edge of the bench (when you unbend them, the dumbbells should not touch the bench).
  2. Slightly move away from the bench, so that your hands are almost straight. Torso and forearms must remain stationary throughout the exercise. Dumbbells do not need to be tightly clamped in your hand, better make the grip a little weaker, so that dumbbells, as it were, “slid” to your fingers.
  3. Fully straighten your wrists, and then gradually lower the dumbbells down.
    Try to lift the dumbbells as high as possible, but do the movements smoothly, while straining the muscles of the forearm rolls. In no case remove the elbows and forearms from the bench.
  4. How to pump up your wrists? Brushes should be located 60 degrees above the horizontal at the top of the exercise. Having reached the top point, you can completely unbend your wrists, and gently lower the dumbbells.
  5. If you use heavy dumbbells for exercise, remember that you must hold your breath when lifting. Exhale when the dumbbells are already lowered.


  1. In the starting position, your hands must be straight. To achieve maximum muscle contraction, it is necessary that their ligaments be extremely tight how to make wrist thicker. And when you unbend the elbow joint, all ligaments of the flexor muscle are stretched. That’s how we ensure the maximum effect of the exercise.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to tear off elbows and workout for forearms and wrists from the bench. If this does happen, then most of the load shifts to the biceps, instead of providing the muscle tension of the forearm rolls.
  3. To increase the amplitude of motion, we need to lightly, relax our fingers, and keep dumbbells in a kind of – free grip. When you tightly tighten dumbbells, you lose the ability to completely unbend your wrists.
  4. How to pump up your wrists correctly? While lowering the dumbbells, you will notice that your wrists can slightly turn outward, while the little fingers part. Do not think that it somehow injures your wrists, on the contrary, it allows them to unbend much more. In addition, when you try to keep your wrist stationary, you risk injuring it. Therefore, it is better to perform wristbands with dumbbells (both safer and more efficient), and not with a barbell wrist curl that does not allow the wrists to turn outward.


workout for forearms and wristsIntended: All from beginners to professionals.

When: At the beginning of the workout, lift the barbells to the muscles of the biceps with a back grip or “hammer”, and then proceed to bend at the wrists (after exercising all the exercises on the muscles of the biceps).

How many: 2-4 sets of 14-16 reps

Sport instruction: The wrist flexions in the wrists focus all the load on the muscles of the inner part of the forearm rolls. This part determines the volume of the forearm (this is especially noticeable when you raise your hands or turn your palms outwards).

Usually this exercise is used to eliminate the imbalance in the growth of the muscles of the forearm rolls and biceps, because when the forearms are small, even beautiful volumetric triceps and biceps will not decorate your hands.

Hand wrist bending is an excellent exercise, with which you can achieve success in volleyball, tennis, wrestling and basketball, thanks to the acquired strong grip.


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